The Skaven Myth

A few years ago, Professor Andreas Cameras of altdorf penned a controversial treatise on the mythical skaven, his once-great mind undoubtedly poisoned by the yellow-skull fever he subsequently succumbed to. According to the professor, these man-sized, bipedal rats infest what he termed an “Under-Empires” beneath the Old World. With unnatural cunning, their Grey Seers, prophet-sorcerers of a horned rat-god, plan to dominate the world. cameras believed that skaven infect cities with pestilence, assassinate Imperial Officials, breed monstrous rat-ogre hybrids and creat infernal machines that can kill with lightning blasts or flesh-melting flame.

Other lunatic scholars maintain that Mandred Ratslayer fought an army of skaven near the Howling Hills in 1124. they point to Mandred’s helm, displayed in the Imperial Armory, purportedly fashioned from a skaven skull – in truth, an over sized rat’s skull.

Even some common folk claim to have encountered skaven. these are often sewer-workers, their minds, no doubt, befuddled by underground gasses. Other sightings can be explained away as the effects of alcohol. Tileans are firm believers in the myth. a folk tale, the Doom of Kasvar, preserves the legend of an ancient Tilean city destroyed by ratmen, who they also blame for the recent destruction of the city of Miragliano. However, right-minded Reiklanders are justifiably suspicious of these Tilean legends.

This delusion is not confined to excitable foreigners or maddened professors. The inhabitants of Talabheim insist ratmen terrorized the streets during the city’s recent rat plague. Fortunately, most Empire folk scoff at such tall tales. rats that walk like men is one thing — Chaos spawns many strange hybrids — but granting these creatures with intelligence is the utmost flight of fantasy.

The Skaven Myth

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