Grünberg is a small riverside city north along the Teufel from Auerswald. Typical of the Reikland, Grünberg is mostly reliant on river trade and nearby townships and farms, the city still does well for its self. Its main features are mazes of small alleys next to wide cobbled roads as well as ‘older-than-usual’ architecture; many of Grünberg’s buildings are from before the forming of the empire, and the city does it’s best to keep them in one piece.

Grünberg is also the site of the famous Battle of Grünberg, during the Orc Waargh of Gorbad Ironclaw in 1707 IC. A calamitous defeat for the Empire, the army of Wissenland were wiped from the field by Gorbad’s ferocious tide of green, clearing it’s way to Altdorf. To this day, Son-of-an-Orc is still the worst insult thrown in the streets and gambling halls of Grünberg.

Before the battle, the Shallyan hospice was expanded to care for all the wounded, and was surprisingly untouched during the city’s sacking. (A miracle that saved the lives of the hundreds of refugees that had hidden within.) Today it remains one of the largest functioning monastaries outside of a capital city. It was this Shallyan temple where Graille Gwaltaube was abandoned and raised from infancy.

A number of Rasknitt’s prisoners aboard the Rum Runner were kidnapped from the streets of Grünberg.



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