Once Upon A Time In The Empire

The Masquerade Part 1

The heroes rock out with their frocks out.

From Kvothe’s quill pen:

Having dealt with some ruffians who mistook me for the Shallyan, my comrades and I handled the local constabulary who were understandably upset about the immolated citizens and/or their carriage. That said, you’d think they’d be used to us and the destruction we cause in the name of Sigmar. Having the patronage of a Lord will hopefully change that.

On that note, we stopped off at the Von Bruner mansion on our way to the Ball. We received an update from Lord Aschaffenberg about the political climate of Ubersreik and heard some disturbing news: Von Saponatheim’s treacherous rumour mongering has hurt our standing with the Sigmarites, who luckily are still siding with us, presumably because we saved that priest from imps.

It has also – due, in part, to the lack of tact of Lord Heissman von Bruner – lost us the support of the City Watch and their stalwart Commander,Andrea Pfeffer. She’s thrown her lot in with Lord Holzenhauer, more’s the shame.

In attempt to save face, Aschaffenberg admitted that he sent us to investigate the Library of Verena – which of course lost us their support, too. A bit foolish of them, I’d say. They assume we were the ones who stole their chaotic papers – seems like we’re in a great position to do a lot of damage to their reputation, and they know it. Why they’d risk so publically opposing us is beyond me.

Vern got onto Bigby Blayse, but was turned down, as I guessed he would be. Further more, we learnt that the Dwarven community is split. Grundi Surehammer seems to be giving us his support, (apparently someone has his ear) although Lord Rickard seemed dubious that the leader of this Dwarven Community actually exists. However, the other two nobles have their own Dwarven supporters, and nothing has been heard from Karak Azgaraz- at least not since their gold was stolen back at Grunewald Lodge.

Still it was not all bad news. Apparently my advice was heeded, and although Aschaffenberg’s repute as a military leader is still in question, and his prestine piety now looks dubious as well, his standing with the merchant class has taken a jump, with Vern Hendricks having succesfully garnered the support of almost all the various Guilds in town, bar the Metalworkers, Physicians and Boatmen’s guilds. I suspect our show at the town meeting yesterday may have helped in the convincing.

Our conversation was cut short by the arrival of an angry mob, spurred on by none other than Von Saponatheim’s valet, Lurch. Arminius went out to deal with them head-on, while Sigmund Wurst tried to influence them from within, and the rest of us did our best to help Arminius play for time while we waited on the Watch to arrive. Unfortunately the rabble set fire to the house, and in an effort to stem the flames I unwittingly caused it to rain frogs on the protesting filth. Serves ‘em right, but by the same token, not the best way of convincing the rabble that the von Bruners aren’t Chaos sympathisers. To be honest, I can see their point – Lord von Bruner strikes me as a very suspicious indeed. Or maybe he’s just a jerk.

The mob dispersed, we set off to the Ball. Murk still hadn’t turned up after slipping away sometime earlier. His absence was beginning to dismay the rest of our group, but as always, there’s not much we can do when the Dwarf has his mind set on something. I chose not to mention the fact I saw him shimming around the outside of the mansion’s third floor windows when we arrived. Wouldn’t want them worrying.

We entered the Ball with no difficulties, and began doing our best to garner support for Lord Aschaffenberg. In the process of doing so, we also heard disturbing rumours that not only had a Skaven been spotted at Borgun’s Brewery a few nights ago, but a band of the vile creatures had attacked the brewer’s wagon on his way to the Ball. Luckily they were able to chase the cowardly monsters away, but it has me concerned. They are getting bolder.

Meanwhile, I was able to enchant Lord Aschaffenberg with a glamour when he entered, to impressive effect, and was able to convince the only other wizard in attendance (Grey Order, name of Engels) that Aschaffenberg was good news. I also chased off Lord Aschaffenberg’s idiotic nephew before he could blacken the family name any further. Arminius managed to smooth things over with Andrea Pfeiffer a bit, and Arianna flashed a bit of thigh at the Leader of the Boat-Guild, which definitely got his attention, but it was grubby little Murk that definitely stole the show. The Dwarf had spotted Lurch slipping a little something into Lord Aschaffenberg’s drink – what exactly it was, we shall never know – and with a bit of quick-thinking Murk was able to not only foil Lurch’s plan, but also slip his own poison into the drink and force the crafty valet to drink it himself, simultaneously damaging von Sapponatheim’s reputation and costing him the life of a valuable servant.

Still, after that little fiasco the guards here seem even more on edge. With their watchful eyes open, I’m sure nothing else could possibly go wrong tonight.

Now where did Murk go?


It is the Edge of Night, and there’s a party going down.
’Tis the event of the season, or so says the word around town.

But the atmosphere is oppressive, the city rotten at its core
Greenskins in the mountains, and there are rumblings of war.

Fear grips Ubersreik, and some “thing” stalks beyond the wall.
But hey who cares! Wind down, wear a mask, come to the ball.

Sure, Morrslieb hangs high, shining on the freshly hung banners.
But concentrate on etiquette, just know your manors from your manners.

The cat’s out of the bag; Saponatheim knows Aschaffenberg has lied.
Politicians try to stab you in the back before you even get near their spies.

There are creatures in the sewers, and people are acting weird.
The elf is sounding avaricious, meanwhile the Dwarf has disappeared.

Apparently the Shallyan made a carriage spontaneously combust
Everything is uncertain, so watch who you trust

This masquerade may well influence who will get the throne and win the race.
Nobles, Merchants, and priests: all the leaders of Ubersreik will be in one place.

So. The time has finally come for our heroes to roll the dice,
and see if they can tell the rats from the mice.



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