Once Upon A Time In The Empire

Get Wrecked

So Murk stayed in the bar, played a game of cards
He was up 40 silver, and ignoring the creepy bard

Another player, a bookie, liked the way he rolled
Hey Dwarf, he said, do you wanna make some real gold?

Downstairs the little fighting pit was just getting started
Dogs getting diced, and fighters getting fainthearted

Nevermind betting, I‘ll fight, sign me up as “Grail”
Rather than, you know, taking them all to jail

Unfortunately Ariana took Murk’s spot in line
If she’s so keen to fight then go on, let her, fine

Murk found the bookie, and put two down on the Elf.
When Ariana got sliced, he put another four on himself

She gave as good as she got, which was a good amount
But even with help from the mezzanine, she was soon down for the count

No eyes saw Murk enter the pit. “Graille” was a surprise contender
The Rat Ogre however was definitely no pretender

To his surprise, Murk learnt you can’t one shot a Clan Moulder beast
Even half starved and twice arrowed, stay one yard back at least

Still, Ariana was rescued, albeit begrudgingly, by Murk
Then they both needed rescuing by the poor brave clerk

No one saved him though, he shouted and screamed to no avail
Everyone else was upstairs. Bumbo Weiss was telling a tall tale.

Finally the party used the privy, and crashed the party below
Pity really, everyone agreed it’d been a really good show

The real slim shallyan stood up and manifested a shining dove
Allowing Arminius to ganendorf the rat ogre from above

Shaking off being used as a flail, Murk chased down his coin,
Ariana woke up too and the halfling took an arrow to the groin

Now, Lucas Hazleman wants a public burning, Bumbo is against it
And the Bard’s got new contacts, there’s something wrong, can’t you sense it?



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