Yurri Butchkiev

One-eyed Kislevite mercenary


Tall, armed to the teeth, with a feathered hat and “evil” goatee, Yurri’s grim figure has been accented further recently by the addition of an eye patch and a limp.


Yurri, once a kossak in the armed forces of northern Kislev, has come south after a dishonerable discharge, looking for wealth and warmer climates. With no care where his next purse of gold comes from, Yurri combines a lack of any moral code, a cunning mind and a very vicious streak into a mean mercenary package. His men are loyal, because he pays them well, treats them fairly and he once shot off both of a mans ears for not following orders. Wether its press ganging backwater villagers in the Reikland, or kicking puppies, Yurri doesn’t balk, making him the perfect reliable manservant for The Chemist. While he might guess at the nature of his employer, he knows questions can lead to a lighter money pouch. However, in light of the fact his current contract has resulted in a shattered eye socket (provided by Franz Bieber) and a fractured leg (granted by Father Barthelm), Yurri is begining to rethink that policy.

Yurri Butchkiev

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