Vern Hendrick

Valet to Lord Aschaffenberg


Vern Hendrick is Lord Aschaffenberg’s manservant. He is a moody and professional individual in his mid-thirties with a deeply lined face and short, greying hair. He is dresses in practical servants clothes.


Vern’s father served the Aschaffenbergs, as his father did before him. Loyal and trustworthy to a T, he can still be haughty and dismissive every now and then, epsecially to those he thinks are beneath him, or wasting his or his master’s time.

While he is diligent in his duties and a shrewd agent, he is not particularily clever, hence his inability to piece together what was going on at Grunewald lodge and the naive trust he placed in Gregor Piersson, as the servant closest in rank and experience to himself.

Vern Hendrick

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