Steffan Hell

Dangerous information broker, expert chemist and owner of the Brimstone Club in Aurswald


Steffan has salt and pepper coloured hair and dark, inscrutible eyes. A close cropped goatee and mustache adorn his lean but weathered face. He speaks quickly and precisely. He looks to be about 40 but may well be older.


“Coins can buy you knowledge and power allows you to collect knowledge, and knowledge can grant you much of both in turn. But knowlege is ultimately its own reward.”

Born in Altdorf, Steffan’s parent’s were a wealthy tavern owner and a stage performer. His father taught him the key to good business was in keeping track of everything under your roof: knowing your staff, knowing your customers and knowing your stock. His mother imbued in him a sense of curiosity, and a love of all things mysterious and wonderful, on top of a gleeful addiction to tavern gossip.

He was educated at The University, and excelled in alchemy, even publishing a number of papers that actively advanced the field. However he abandoned his studies when his father passed, instead taking over the family business and expanding their holdings even further. Now Steffan owns and deftly manages taverns all across the Reikland, as well as single-handedly running the Brimstone Club in Aurswald.

Steffan moved from Altdorf about 10 years ago, where he apparently tired of the political cloak and dagger dealings required of someone running a boarding house for the weatlhy in the Empire’s crowded capital. Considering his current hobby of being Aurswald’s premier information broker and drug dealer, his abscontion from Altdorf was likely motivated by someothing else.

The Adventurers have since discovered he was involved with a vast Chaos cult in Altdorf, within which he was known as “The Chemist”. He was also an inside source for the witchhunter Magdelena and instrumental in the cult’s destruction.

Steffan has admitted that he knows what manner of creature has taken up the mantle of “The Chemist” recently. Sometime ago he discovered a rat-man inside his chemistry lab. Fascinated, he captured it, and for a full year he studied the creature and learnt from it, discovering the truth behind the Skaven myth. In turn, Steffan tought the Skaven some of the work he did in the lab. However, the creature ultimatley tried to poison him and escaped with a number of tomes from his expansive library. Among them, information he had collected about the surviving members of the cult in Altdorf.

Steffan Hell

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