Sigmund Wurst

Agent working for Graf Siegfried Von Saponatheim


With long dark hair and a beard that would put most wizards to shame, the only glimpse of Sigmund visible are his grey eyebrows and his expressive eyes. He looks more like a wild woodsman than a carpenter. The unkempt look is added to by the deep bags under his eyes, no doubt due to the many sleepless nights and the constant pressure of being undercover.


Originally a carpenter from Bögenhafen, where he no doubt crossed paths with the von Saponatheims, Sigmund was drawn to Auerswald after the Great Fire, due to the large amount of work available for people in his trade.

When not helping to construct the new bridges, he would find heirlooms and other various keepsakes in the ruins of the slums and trade them on the blackmarket. Carpentry proved far less lucrative than crime, and in the last two years he’s traded more illigal substances than he has half-scorched treasures, and done more ‘enforcment’ work than he has carpentry. However, after a illicit deal gone bad he ultimately ended up indentured to Steffan Hell, for whom he has since worked loyally in some capacity. In Ubersreik, on an errand for his master, his fortunes improved; Graf Siegfried tracked him down and made him an offer: enough money to pay off his debt, plus more, in return for information on Herr Hell and a favour. A favour he called in when Kvothe, Ariana, Arminius and Murk where facing a short existance locked up in Steffan’s dungeon. Mounting a daring rescue, Sigmund and a number of other Von Saponatheim agents founght through Hell’s guards and spirited the adventurers away, at great risk to himself.

He was a little affronted when they weren’t very grateful.

Sigmund Wurst

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