Rupert Julbach

Commander of Aurswald army garrison


With his greying beard his hunched shoulders, Rupert has the appearance of a man weighed down by the burdon of command. Recently he’s seems even more lethargic, and can usually be seen with deep bags under his eyes. Depsite that, he commands respect and is a fierce and decisive leader when push comes to shove.


Cautious, and typically paranoid, Rupert Julbach has been the commander of the Aurswald army garrison for nigh on 20 years, and in that time has seen his troops deployed only very rarely. However, recently, there have been clashes with the standing armed forces of the nearby rival town of Ubersreik over silver mines in Aurswald’s territory. So far it’s only been minor skirmishes, but both cities have been flexing their military and political muscles, putting the populace of both towns on edge, especially those that live outside the walls. Popular opinion had been, untill Geheimisnacht, that that is all it would come to. Commander Julbach knows that the greed of men can make them rash, and has had his troops running drills constantly since the tension began.

Also, as of a few months ago, Commander Julbach has become an abuser of the drug known as Notropian Blue, which he gets from a connection at the Brimstone Club. Julbach believes its only a means to calm his freyed nerves, and does not inhibit his ability to command.
Murk Dwemer used this to his advantage in his opening adventure, drugging Julbach up and stealing all the garrison’s blackpowder. This might have something to do with why Commander Julbach thinks Murk is a spy from Ubersreik.

After the explosions in the streets of Aurswald, the slums being set on fire, and the arrival of vast hordes of Skaven, Commander Julbach instituted Marshal Law, and a strict curfew, believing Ubersreik’s agents had been so bold as to attack Aurswald with dark powers.

Rupert Julbach

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