Greyseer Rasknitt

The mysterious figure behind the recent turmoil


Untill the Great Fire of Auerswald, Rasknitt had been but a barely seen small figure in the shadows, draped in cloth robes. Even during the final battle in the Maelstrom, the heroes got barely a glimpse of a pair of twisted horns and his evil, learing rat-like visage.


Recently, Herr Hell revealed that The Chemist was likely Rasknitt, a Skaven Greyseer, one of the powerful priest caste of the skaven race, that has recently been using Hell’s information network to activate nescient circles of chaos cultists in the surrounding area.

He seems to have connections to Garen Eich, Amir Hassana, Steffan Hell, Klara Eigal, the equally mysterious “F”, and Dr Stefan Sieger of Grunewald Lodge.

Greyseer Rasknitt

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