Professor Samuel Eich

Garen Eich's grand-father and Murk's employer


An elderly, balding man with a great white bushy beard.


A minor noble with a passion for biology, the professor receives vast sums of money for his research from the Emperor’s own coffers, ostensibly to find new exotic creatures for the Emperor’s stables.
Very forgetful when it comes to people though, The Professor is constantly forgetting his own grandson’s name, and reffered to Murk Dwemer as ‘that short fellow’ for the first week of his employment.

Writer of the critically panned Primer for the Observation of Kreatures; Exotic, Dangerous, Extint and Xenogeneic.

He seems a genial if doddery old man, and his only love, aside from his research in magical creatures, is his grandson. Since Garen has recently been out and about at all hours of the night to finish his play, the professor thought it prudent to hire him a bodyguard.

The recent business with his mansion catching fire and wot-not has been a terrible inconveniance. He does hope his servants can get it all under control quickly.

Professor Samuel Eich

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