Olga Von Jungfreud

The mother of Graf Siegfried Von Saponatheim


A stern-faced and wrinkled woman, her tall, straight posture allows Olga von Jungfreud to look down her nose at everyone she meets. Always dressed in the finest, most elegant and luxurious robes, tailored to cling to her thin frame, Olga takes pride in her appearance without bowing ti the everchanging whims of fashion.


Graf Siegfried’s formiddable mother, Olga wants nothing less than the best for her son. She is every bit as ambitious and at least as cunning as Graf Siegfried, and not at all afraid to hide behind her status as an elderly widow and use it to her advantage. A hard woman, haughty, with a vicious streak, her fury is matched only by her wealth and influence. Not someone to cross lightly.

Olga Von Jungfreud

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