Magdelena Hündinfeuer

A zealous and intimidating witchhunter


With bright red hair flowing from beneath her signature witch hunter hat, Magdelena has a memorable and fearsome appearance.


Magdelena’s infamy precedes her. She was instrumental in rooting out a major heresy in Altdorf, and has torched more unsanctioned magic users than she’s had hot meals. (Magdelena doesn’t eat hot meals often, comfort breeds complacency which leads to tolerance. The servant of Sigmar must be ever vigilant, etc, etc.)
Any further than that however, and there are so many rumours about Magdelena’s career of zealous and disproportionate judgements and about her prior-history that it is impossible to tell the true from the false. Still, all of them are consistantly paths of fear, sadism and bloodshed.

Magdelena Hündinfeuer

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