Ludmilla Von Bruner

A boisterous and well bosomed noblewoman.


Ludmilla wears tasteful, embroidered ermine gowns that support and flatter her womanly curves. A woman of hearty good cheer, her mood is rarely dark, and her appearance is one of healthy and fine living.


Lord Aschaffenburg‘s voluptuous wife. Daughter of Lord Heinrich von Bruner, Ubersreik’s magistrate. Currently in Ubersreik until Grunewald Lodge is renovated to the high standard of living befitting her station. Outwardly genial, she is an intellegent woman that misses nothing that transpires in court. She seems to heave a romantic streak, and appreciates finer living, but by no means is Lady Von Bruner simply a wall flower.

After growing up in the Von Bruner house and witnessing it’s rise and near disgrace following the events at Grunewald lodge Ludmilla, while found of her family, knows well enegh the ends she might one day have to go to to defend her lineage. For now she is fully committed to her husband’s cause and all to aware she could wind up tarred with the same brush as the rest of the Von Bruners.

Ludmilla Von Bruner

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