Lucas Hazleman

Witchhunter and Templar of the Holy Order of Sigmar


A picture of refined intimidation. His tall figure enveloped by a heavy black cape lined with the finest ermine, Witchhunter Hazleman strides with purpose and determination. The wide rounded brim of his signature leather cap hides his features, while his boots shine in the muck and darkness trough which all Templars of Sigmar must tread.


Untill recently, Hazleman was posted in Nuln, in charge of an investigation there. He came to Aurswald following a lead but unfortunatley, his interrogations here have so far been fruitless. Hazleman has been assisting Andric Lutzen and his chapter house with more routine tasks while making his own inquiries in the city. That was untill Geheimistag, when a rogue pyromancer set fire to a theatre, and their investigations uncovered a very heretical play, which included a number of phrases that rang alarm bells, including mention of a ‘Chemist’.

Then the slums were set on fire by the same rogue pyromancer, and Andric Lutzen concentrated on chasing that, while Hazleman concentrated on uncovering the meaning behind Garen’s play, “The Rewards of Power”.

Lucas Hazleman

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