Lord Heissman Von Bruner

Head of the Von Bruner line in Ubersreik and father to Lady Von Bruner


A slight paunch and a stern brow, Lord Heissman is a picture of the sterotypical disdainful noble.


As the head of the disgraced Von Bruner family, most of Lord Heissman times seems to have be being spent on damage control after the recent exposure of a family member as a worshipper of Chaos, albeit one from a minor branch or the Von Bruner line. Lord Heissman is intent on showing the Von Bruner’s as a whole are loyal and untainted. While polite to his son-in-law, Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg, he doesn’t seem that fussed about helping any noble family other than his own.

Lord Heissman Von Bruner

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