Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg

Lord of the Manor and, he hopes, of Ubersreik


He is a huge bear of a man, overweight but otherwise hale. He has a large, bushy, dark brown beard and dresses ostentatiously, wearing his golden chains of rank over an ermine robe with fashionably slashed silk sleeves. He is extroverted and usually speaks with a booming and commanding voice.


Aschaffenberg is a gregarious and generous man and, despite appearances, tries to take the
responsibilities of his class seriously. He believes in the inherent superiority of the aristocracy.
Although only a minor noble, Lord Aschaffenberg is still a wealthy and powerful individual. The Aschaffenbergs are native of Ubersreik and were elevated to nobility by Magnus the Pious after The Great War against Chaos for acts of valour on the battlefield. Since that time they have languished in relative obscurity, still considered little more than jumped up commoners. However, recently a Chaos cult was uncovered on lands that Lord Rickard aquired as part of his dowry from the Von Bruner family. Lord Rickard has received the bulk of the praise for uncovering the cult, and the Aschaffenberg family fortunes have improved dramatically in the meantime, while the Von Bruners have fallen out favour.
The adventuring party knows that Aschaffenberg was reluctant to involve the authorities in the strangeness at Grunewald Lodge because he was keen not to do anything to upset his new relations – a family whose wealth and legacy are significantly greater than his own – and so hired the Adventurers to discreetley investigate and do the bulk of the work.
The adventuring party is mystified as to why everyone thinks Aschaffenberg himself led the party of hired swords into the fray- rescuing his servants, a beautiful Elven maiden and a blind devout sigmarite – and putting an end to the heretics – almost single handed.

Still, it seems Lord Aschaffenberg, or at least his supporters, have utilised his new fame and popularity to agitate for his contention to be the new liege lord of Ubersreik. Aschaffenberg’s honour has meant in person he’s made an attempt to pass the credit to where it was due; to his valet, Vern Hendrick, and the mercenaries he hired for his lord’s task (as such the adventuring party is starting to take for themslves a portion of Aschaffenberg’s limelight.) None the less, Lord Aschafenberg believes he could really do some good for Ubersreik, and so perhaps has stopped being so firm when debunking rumours about his explots.

Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg

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