Klara Eigal

A sweet old lady. On the surface.


A homely and sweet old lady, with grey hair and few teeth, Klara’s eyes appear heavily clouded with cataracts, but these are infact a mild mutation and her eye sight is actually better than average. Klara tends to exagerate her blindness in public, to better make use of the charity of strangers.


Klara spent most of her life in the nearby town of Stromdorf, raising a family on a small farm near the Obershlect. When her husband was killed by beastmen, she left, heading north down the river Teufel with river merchants, finally ending up in Altdorf. Klara spent most of her waning years there as a loyal servant to a physician, and it was around this time her cataracts worsened heavily. When the physician was killed by an overzealous witchhunter she returned to familiar surroundings, this time to Hornlach where she knew friends of her previous employer would look after her, as Stromdorf still bore too many reminders of her late husband. Nowadays the poor blind old woman is seen rarely on the streets of Hornlach, except for her regular trips to the Apothecary for medicine, which she usually is guided on by whatever passing kindly stranger she can latch onto. On market days she’ll make an effort to venture out and give caramel sweets to the children.

However, in Dropped Guard it was discovered that Klara Eigal was in fact the Hornlach Horror, the one responsible for the dissapearances of many honest Sigmar-fearing townspeople. It seems she would lead unwitting strangers to their deaths or imprisonment (for what purpose not even she knew) beneath the Apothecary’s shop. It would appear she was a pawn in a larger scheme, orchestrated by the mysterious Chemist.

Ultimately, she was crossbowed by Arminius under Hornlach’s Apothecary shoppe.

Klara Eigal

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