Kate Kueper

Wandering Shallyan Priest


Kate is a tall, willowy middle-aged woman with dark hair off set by piercing blue eyes that seem both loving and mildly dissaproving at the same time.


Kate Kueper doesn’t like to talk about her past. Something happened that made her join the priesthood, perhaps related to her abhorence of black-powder weapons. Few have questioned her though, it has always been enough to know she was there.

A magestic figure of motherhood and kindness, it was she who took Graille in when he was left on Shallya’s doorstep as a babe. Acting as almost a surrogate, adopted mother through Graille’s childhood, as he grew older and relyed on her less, Kate took the opportunity to travel and take Shallya’s blessings to those that needed them more, but she still checks in on Graille every now and then. She does her best to be a guiding light, but has a habit of preparing long, boring, but none-the-less heartfelt speeches that sometimes miss their mark.

Kate Kueper

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