Karmicheal Bengel

Young, precocious street urchin from Kliendorf


Karmichael is a young boy of ten, disgustingly adorable, with a perpetually dirty face.


Karmichael’s mother died in the recent Kliendorf pox epidemic, but prior to that he had already been pseudo-adopted by the Bieber family, as Karmichael had long been enamoured by pillars of the community Franz and his brother Frederick, and eager to help out on their farm. His mother, whilst heartbroken, encouraged this as she knew at least with the Biebers Karmichael would be cared for. In turn the Biebers made sure they sent Karmchael home with breads and cheese for his mother. Still, not that his life has been easy. Karmichael has spent many a cold night shivering on a streetcorner. The death of his mother seems to not to have affected him, or at least if so, he’s kept it on the inside.

With an overabundance of bravery and curiosity (a deadly combination in the old world), Karmichael desire for adventure has never been squashed. Allowed free reign on the streets of Kliendorf, the townspeople tend to keep an eye out for him, for his hands are as quick as his wit. Otmar the guard captain caught him stealing once, but the whipping he recieved didn’t deter him, and since then Franz has always tried to bail him out of trouble, which of course has only made him bolder.

When the pox came, sometime after his mother’s death, Karmichael’s leg became infected. If it hadn’t been for the timely arrival of Graille Gwaltaube, he might have been walking around on a wooden peg the rest of his life, if at all. He deftly avoided being captured by The Chemist and Yurri Butchkiev and when Franz set off by boat to rescue the captured townspeople, there was no way Karmichael was going to go back to the farm. He stowed away aboard the Greedy Bitch, and was suprisingly helpful in Aurswald, fortuitously stumbling across a lead to Garen’s playhouse.

Recently he’s taken to wearing a dirty white shawl and pretending he is a Shallyan hospitalier.

Karmicheal Bengel

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