Hermman Gratz

Apprentice Bright Order Wizard and classmate to Kvothe.


A clean-shaven youth with red hair and a keen face, Hermman’s staff and atire mark him as a Apprentice Pyromancer.


Hermman studied alongside Kvothe Lackless at the Bright Order College. Lacking the drive and the talent of Kvothe, Hermman’s apprentice studies have yet to wind up several years after Kvothe was sent to Amir in Auerswald.

Hermman’s first assignment beyond the College’s walls was to head to Ubersreik, and aquire as many samples of a particular flower that grows in the foothills of the Grey Mountains. However he was also instructed to analise the political situation there, look for opportunities for the bright order college, and then report back. He encountered Kvothe in Wizards way just before he left, and encouraged him to gain favour with the nobles. Having not been worded up about the possibility of running into any Bright Order Wizards, he could tell Kvothe very little about the The Great Fire three years ago in Auerswald, only that the Bright Order College were after one of their wizards for killing a sanctioned Witchhunter there.

Hermman Gratz

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