Heinrich Klien

A priest of Shallya that fell succumbed to curruption.


Heinrich’s white Shallyan robes are grubby around the hem and sleaves, stained from many years toiling in the hospices of Altdorf. His clothes are not the only thing his ceaseless holy work has taken a toll on: His long fair hair is beginning to bald, and his once unblemished face is now weathered from a stressful career and spotted with ugly warts, gained from some poor pox ridden patient Heinrich cared for without caution or hesitation.

Nonetheless, he still seems filled with unusual vitality and life, despite being in his waning years. Leaving Altdorf to spread Shallya’s mercy to the rest of the Empire must have invigorated the man.


For most of his adult life Heinrich has served the lady of mercy and healing at the Shallyan Cathedral in Altdorf. The vast numbers of the destitute and dieing that are sheltered and cared for under the great temple’s arches have always been too many for the priests and carers who tirelessly work there. To save a few while so many die would be a tax on any woman or man, and Heinrich always felt personally responsible for suffering he failed to ease.

Heinrich soldiered on. He bore the weight of every unrequited death upon his shoulders with the faith and strength of any true follower of Shallya. After many years though, despite every new strategy that the Shallyan matriarchs attempted, including rationing, quarantines, and even bringing members of The Guild of Physicians into the Cathedral, it was never eneogh, and Heinrich eventually broke down in desperation. The higher-ups in the Cathedral thought it best he take a sabbatical, and go somewhere his good work would not be overshadowed.

He was sent to the tiny mining town of Fussen, west of Kliendorf. However noone knew that in his darkest hour Heinrich had made a new friend in Altdorf. A man known only by the initial “F”. So when Heinrich travelled to Fussen, it was not Shallya that he brought with him, but The Fly Lord, Nurgle. Guided by “F”, Heinrich bore the mark a dark god with pride. Shallya was weak, but disease only ever grows stronger, and through embracing it, humanity is strengthened.

Or so Heinrich thought, untill he met Graille Gwaltaube.

Heinrich Klien

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