Gretel Gutlieben

An innocent and naive initiate of Shallya


A very young woman, barely of adult age, Gretel still has the beauty and grace of youth untouched by a harsh existance in the old world.


Gretel is oft seen contemplating flowers, or dreaming of magical creatures rather than attending to her duties as a Priestess of Shallya. Extremely naive, free spirited and with her head in the clouds, there is nonetheless no question as to the depth of her charity and heart. A completely good person, a rare find in the grim, dark old world, Gretel lived a sheltered existance in Grunberg before Matron Berg gave her the task of fetching owed alms from the tiny logging town of Fussen. Accompanying Graille Gwaltaube on his first adventure, she was ultimately captured by The Chemist in Kliendorf.

During the party’s rescue attempt during Keep Your Powder Dry Gretel performed her first ever miracle, healing an unconscious and critically injured Kvothe and returning him to the fight. For her trouble, she was shot and killed by a Skaven sniper.

Gretel Gutlieben

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