Gregor Piersson

Grunewald lodge's deceased Butler and secret cult leader


Gregor Piersson is a slightly built man in his late 30s, with receding black hair slicked back with oil, and one eye heavily bandaged. He dresses in the neat uniform of a butler and usually maintains an impassive composure.

Later it was discovered his bandages disguise a hideous mutated eye.


Pierson tends to keep his distance, but is respectful and polite to any guests the Manor may have. His day to day duties are those of a steward, and as such, he is ultimately responsible for the running of the house.

Oh, also, Piersson has long been a zealous follower of Chaos and is the leader of the secret cult at Grunewald Lodge. Piersson was once a member of the Eldritch Order of The Unblinking Eye but fled his home in Altdorf when the cult was broken up by witchhunters and most of its members condemned to the pyre by Magistrate Lord Heissman Von Bruner. He ended up in Ubersreik where he met Andreas Von Bruner and found a way to get his revenge.

Died in the underground temple beneath the lodge, from a terrible case of “meeting the PCs”, thereby bringing an end this particular cell of The Eldritch Order Of The Unblinking Eye.

Gregor Piersson

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