Graille Gwaltaube

Priest of Shallya, Disciple of Mercy, and Son of None.


When Graille first set out from his Shallyan Temple three years ago he was a young man, barely come of age; with short, dark hair and gentle eyes; prone to smiling easily and often.

Since then the years he has traveled and the suffering he has witnessed have begun to show, maybe more than they should. His eyes and smile seem less gentle than sad, often with an underlying grimness. He often goes days without use of his shaving razor leaving a short stubble that would drive Matron Berg back home mad.

While he has traveled to wealthy dinners and balls that required his hair be styled, and entered infirmaries of the plagued that necessitated his head be shaved, these days it is left messy and uncared for, like much of his appearance.

Since his questioning torture at the hands of Magdelena Hündinfeuer, Graille has a lost digit on his left hand. His smallest finger. His hooded white robes have been stained with blood and dirt, and he has taken to wearing civilian clothes until such time as they can be cleaned or the memory of what stains them no longer carries so much meaning.

In a vision of a grim and perilous future in which the Old World was invaded by the forces of Chaos Graille appeared as an older man with a patch over a missing eye.


“I Pray you halt. Before you act, let me tell you who I am. I am Graille Gwaltaube; slayer of rats and flies, quencher of flames, and healer of wounds. I have been known to channel Shallya’s mercy when she deems it their time. So before you act, ask yourself; is it your time?
- Graill Gwaltaube, Son of None.


Graille, like many in the Old World is an orphan. Placed on the steps of the Shallyan Temple at Grunberg on a bed of dove feathers. He was brought up within the order by his surrogate mother Kate Kueper.

Growing up in the Shallyan Temple at Gruneberg Graille showed signs of a wandering spirit from an early age and would often sneak out to the city. On one such occasion as a young boy Graille came upon a noble’s son the same age, whipping a homeless man. Not grasping the consequences of his actions, only the injustice of the moment, Graille struck the noble’s son. It was only by the skin of his teeth and the Old Mountain, Matron Bertrix Berg’s fast talking that he wasn’t strung up in the town square.

“I always thought you had a wondering spirit young Graille, just like me. But you must be watchful. When you were young you often wandered into the city, and got yourself into scrapes.”
- Kate Kueper, Wandering Shallyan Priest

After completing his first miracle on the Temple steps by healing the disguised Shallyan priest Heinrich Klien, Graille was promoted to the station of Shallyan Initiate. Several months later Graille was tasked by Matron Berg with collecting alms from the small logging town of Fussen, where Heinrich Klien had retired to. Graille was accompanied on this journey by his friend and fellow priest Gretel Gutlieben. Another naive and free spirited fellow initiate of the order Gretel was both a friend to Graille and reminder of the kindness and charity that can exist in the grimness of the Old World. While never acting on it Graille nursed a love for Gretel.

Greaille and Gretel’s journey West was uneventful until they reached the riverside town of Kleindorf which had been struck by pox, as orchestrated by a corrupted Heinrich Klien and propagated by the town inn keeper Rudlo. At Kleindorf Graille met and befriended Franz Bieber, who helped Graille foil Rudlo and continue on to the diseased and fallen town of Fussen where Graille was forced to confront and slay the corrupted Shallyan Priest Heinrich Klien.

Upon returning to Kleindorf, Graille, Franz, Gretel were attacked by the Chemist and his Kislevite mercenaries who were capturing the townsfolk. With so many fallen to Heinrich and Rudlo’s poisoned drink and so few left to stand against the mercenaries and their hooded leader, the Chemist, Graille believed the only course of action that would reduce the suffering of innocents was to willingly go with the mercenaries for the time being. Captured and drugged, Graille was taken to Aurswald where he would soon meet four other travelers…


Graille never gave up searching for Gretel while hunting the Chemist. However, he was told by Ariana of Athel Loren and Kvothe Lackless upon recapturing some of their the memories from their three lost years, that during the party’s rescue attempt on the river Teufal, in the burning city of Auerswald, in the year 2517, Gretel performed her first ever miracle, healing an unconscious and critically injured Kvothe and returning him to the fight. For her trouble, she was shot and killed by a Skaven sniper.

After discovering Gretel’s death Graille began to contemplate the true mercy and presence of the gods in the Empire and turned to drink, beginning his arc as Dark Graille. It wasn’t until he turned up drunk at the Hospice in Auerswarld asking Priestess Marriane if she ever got tired of the gods not turning up that Kate Kueper helped bring him back from the edge of losing his faith. She talked with him about his purpose and faith before travelling to Hugeldal to help with a case of Ghoulpox. She told him that if he ever visits the Shallyan Cathedral in Altdorf he should speak with a Shallyan named Hester Alsbach, or if he visits the Sanotorium of Mercy to speak with an old Hospitalier named Gerard Thom; an old priest who has seen and done horrible things but has not lost his faith. Graille may just have to convince him to talk first. In Kate’s words the Hospitalier’s ethos is “speak softly, but carry a big sword”.

Kate almost revoked her vows while working in Gruneberg during a winter where many innocents fell to rapid illness brought on by bites from wild dogs. She planned to leave and visit her sister in Wurtbad. She packed her bags and stayed awake all night listening to the howling of the dogs and in the morning snuck out past the other priests to leave. That was the morning she discovered Graille on the steps. Lying in a bed of dove feathers. Crying his eyes out.

“There’s an old saying a man from Cathay told me. Kong Zi say, if you walk in darkness, and cannot see the light, perhaps you are the candle. For me, you have been the most amazing miracle, the best of Shallya’s works, and the best of mine, and you continue to be so. But! Don’t let that give you a big head.”
- Kate Kueper, Wandering Shallyan Priest

Kate fears that while Graille may be a good influence on his new friends, they may not be such a good influence on him.

Shortly after this meeting Graille had a run in with Slender Tree and heard Kate screaming thousands of years in the past.

“Life is cheap. It is hard. And unfair. And grim. And often terrifying and dark as night. And whatever horrors you have seen in your travels, there is always something worse. Evil exists. The gods of Chaos exist. There are terrible forces at work in the world. Some more potent than even Shallya’s infinite mercy. There is only one thing that can’t be beaten. And that is hope. Hope always prevails. So have hope.”
- Kate Kueper, Wandering Shallyan Priest


At Altdorf the Grandmaster Archivist gave Graille and his companions a vision of a future in which the capital was attacked by legions of chaos. In this vision Graille appeared as an old man with an eye patch. He was attempting to heal someone in the midst of succumbing to the Fly Lord’s rot, who quickly turned and spewed diseased mist at Graille. Before Graille could react the walls of the tower he was in exploded under fire from siege weapons. It was unclear whether the diseased mist or the rubble from the attack killed Graille, or if indeed he even died.


Strictures of the Bleeding Heart

  • Avoid killing. (All followers of Shallya take this stricture extremely seriously.)
  • Never refuse healing to a supplicant genuinely in need.
  • Never halt a soul when it is time for it to depart.
  • Go about your life unarmed. A stout walking staff is all you’ll ever need.
  • Abhor the Fly Lord in all his forms.
  • Do not waste energy on your own pleasure.


  • Comfort breeds complacency which leads to tolerance. The servants of the gods must be ever vigilant.
  • If you walk in darkness, and cannot see the light, perhaps you are the candle.


Since meeting with his travelling companions he has developed a friendship with the Dwarf Murc Dwemer. While the latter attempts to teach Graille the lighter side of the dark side, Graille attempts to keep the Dwarf’s more rambunctious behavior from getting the party into too much trouble.

Graille has also grown close with Ariana of Athel Loren, who despite their early disagreements over displaying Mercy towards their foes, have found a mutual respect for one another in the face of their companions’ crudeness.

“As you wander, as wander I suspect you will, by all means right wrongs, protect the weak, heal the sick, but, act with forethought, have a grasp of the situation. I know one of your new friends in a guardsman. If he’s any good as an investigator, maybe get his help. Sometimes the gods send us help in the form of our companions.”
- Kate Kueper, Wandering Shallyan Priest

Graille has tremendous respect for both Arminius Karst and Kvothe Lackless, although he fears the anger of the latter, he admires greatly the honour and sense of justice Arminius possesses.




Graille Gwaltaube

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