Graf Siegfried Von Saponathiem

Powerful, influential noble from Bögenhafen and contender for control of Ubersreik


A tall, fair young man with long hair and trimmed goatee. A man of sophistication, guile and intellegence.


From their castle outside Bögenhafen, the Von Saponatheims control a large swathe of the Reikland and a major portion of the trade across the grey mountains. A large and Fertile family, the von saponatheims are always looking to expand their holdings, and it is in this spirit that Graf Siegfried has come to Ubersreik. If he can secure control of Ubersreik then he will rise to pre-eminance within his family, and his family may well become one of, if not the most powerful and wealthy house in the entire Reikland.

Graf Siegfried Von Saponathiem

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