Garen Eich

Noble, playwright and interminable fuck


Sporting fashionable close cropped beard and hair, and clothes that are apparently all the rage in Nuln right now, Garen is rarely seen without his entourage, which at one point included Murk Dwemer.


Garen was sent to live with his grandfather Sam at a young age, because his parents were having too much fun to look after him. While far from interested in his grandfather’s scientific study, a love of fantasy and language was instilled in him by his grandfather’s extensive library, many books of which contained stories of adventurers and magic. Unfortunately, it did not instill in him the ability to write well, and so his own attempts at duplicating the sagas he had grown up reading are poor parodies at best.

Garen seems oblivious to the fact however, and continues to produce play after fantasy fulfilling play, many of which still make money despite their critical panning. A noble through and through, Garen is arrogant and wealthy, and flaunts his power at every chance he gets.

How he came to be involved with the Chemist in the first place is difficult to ascertain, whether the Chemist coerced him or just asked nicely. Either way, he seems to be enjoying living out the fantasies he has so long written about, and has used his influence to gather supplies and people for the Chemist’s grand ritual. In return, he’s been getting Amir and his apprentices to do pyrotechnics for his shitty play.

Garen Eich

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