Franz Bieber

Acting commander of the guard in Kliendorf.


A small, slight man, dressed in rugged outdoor clothes of green and browns. Clean Shaven, with close cropped fair hair, his blue eyes watch and scrutinise the people he encounters as if they were strangers entering his town. His injured leg troubles him, and he can be seen grimacing in pain from the injury Yuri gave him when he thinks people aren’t looking. He never parts with his strong yew bow, and lapses into long periods of silence when out of his depth; significant, considering once upon a time he would have run a mile at the first sign of trouble. Now he has encountered Beastmen, Kislev Mercenaries, Cultists of the Fly Lord, Skaven and Witch Hunters. So far he has lived through it all.


Strength 3
Toughness 4
Agility 4
Intellegence 3
Willpower 3
Fellowship 2
Wound Threshold 15
Defence 1
Damage 5
Soak 2

Franz Bieber comes from a long line of farmers. Indeed, The Bieber farm, just outside of Kliendorf, has been there as long as anyone can remember, and there is a matching farmstead, owned by Franz’s cousins, not far to the south of Stromdorf.
Franz’s father taught he and his brother to till the earth long ago, like his father did before him, but as a boy Franz always found his size and strength ill suited to hard labor, preferring instead to hunt in the forest, collecting rabbit and venison for the Bieber table.

In his youth he spent a few winters piloting merchant vessels into Kliendorf’s convoluted system of docks and pontoons for brass coins. When he came of age, Franz joined the town guard, hoping for excitement, or at least an opprtunity to use his bow, but it didn’t take long for Franz to resign himself to a simpler life, a life made much easier when he fell for and married the Miller’s daughter Hanna.

However, when his father was killed by a beastman, he spent more time helping his brother on the farm, and Franz’s wife gave birth to 2 beautiful children, Connie and Mertte. When his wife met the same fate as his father on the edge of their property, and Franz was left a widower, he turned to drink, and stayed at the bottom of a bottle for at least two years. It wasn’t until he was caught drunk on duty that Otmar the Guard Captain straightened him out. Grateful for Otmar’s efforts, he stepped forward as the new guard captain in Kleindorf recently when a mysterious pox began spreading in Kliendorf; Otmar, being one of the first souls consigned to Morr’s realm.

The Pox in Kleindorf stretched Franz to his limits, and he found he didn’t know what to do. He saw the arrival of Graille just as Franz was riding to Grunberg for help as nothing less than devine intervention, and praised Shallya for all Graille’s help, which included healing Karmicheal’s leg, who often helped out on the Bieber farm. Franz put his trust in Graille, and took quite a shine to Gretel, Graille’s fellow Priest, who reminded him of Hanna. He accompanied Graille to Fussen, and saw the devastation there. He helped Graille kill the corrupted Shallyan priest, Heinrich, and was there when Graille found the letter addressed to the Chemist, from someone with just the initial F.

When they returned to Kleindorf however, the Chemist and his Kislevite Mercenaries were there. They took captive only the healthy people. And there was so much sickeness there was none to stand in the way. Franz was hurt and angry that, after fighting Heinrich, Graille would give himself so willingly to these foreign bullies. He chose to fight and was grieviously wounded by Yuri, the Kislevite’s leader, but not before he shattered Yuri’s left eye.

Left for dead, Franz survived his fight with the mercenaries, and under the direction of Burgomeister Wetzel, organised to head south to rescue Graille, Gretel, and the kidnapped townspeople. Franz left instructions with Karmichael to take his two very young children back to the Bieber farm, and to stay there with Franz’s brother and his wife, Fred and Anne Bieber, as well as Nanny Bieber, Franz’s mother.
Franz, with fellow guard Carl Sowquitz, set sail up the Teufal, heading for Aurswald.

For a more detailed version of events, see Franz’s Story (Part 1)

Franz Bieber

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