Father Eckel Barthelm

Old sigmarite priest with a potent faith


Bald, but sporting a white mustache in his old age, Father Barthelm is a big man, with still plenty of muscle from his days as a warrior priest. He’s developed a little bit of a paunch recently, but can still swing a hammer and say a sermon with the best of them.


Farther Balthelm took up his post in charge of the Sigmar Temple in Hornlach 15 or so years ago. He’s never revealed much of his past to the people of Hornlach, they only know that like many in the order of sigmar he served as a warrior priest. However, rumour has it that he drank a little too much sherry one night in the Pirates Penance and let slip that he had once met both the Grand Theologist and the Emperor himself. Wether this was a drunken boast or a clue to his past, the town does not know.

He prefers to spend his downtime in the Hornlach’s tavern, nursing a sherry, and talking with townspeople. He’s well loved, and has been a part of the town for a long time, his sermons rarely being dull or boring. Its likely due to his influence that Hornlach has such a devout faith. He’s good friends with Captain Braum.

His only vice seems to be his arguments with Acolyte Hammlin, a leftover from the previous priest, who desperately wants to be fully ordained himself, but concentrates too much energy on being seen doing the work of Sigmar, rather than just getting on with it. Also, he’s an idiot, so that doesn’t help Father Barthelm’s patience.

Father Eckel Barthelm

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