Crazy Hassan

Proprietor of Crazy Hassan's


A man of Arabyan descent (probably), Hassan has wild eyes, a rough looking beard and a turban perched atop his head precariously.


No one knows much about the man called Hassan, but according to him:

“I have a brother in Araby! He sell many camels! He is a crazy man. And should be committed. I have another brother in Kislev. He does not sell many camels. He is also crazy. And should be committed. I am also a camel trader. I have been committed. Committed to good value products at lower than low prices! And thats crazy!”

“I am a financial-services professional who manages the camel portfolio of a number of clients by purchasing and selling securities based on the individual financial objectives of my clients. Those objectives are usually, get more camels. This I do through long-range correspondence. So I have muchos time for my other passion. Retail goods trading at crazy prices!”

“I sell many things other than camels. I have very special potion for you! Potion made special for my 100th customer of the month! It put hair on your chest! Or remove chest hair. Not important. Drink!”

Crazy Hassan

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