Cedric "Cut-Throat" Kessler

First mate aboard the Greedy Bitch


A haggard old seadog, Cedric’s arms sport a number of tattoos of varying degrees of artistic merit. His feathered hat sags and his face is gaunt, but when he grins a single hunk of gold winks between his cracked lips and yellow teeth.


An Eccentric miser, Cedric is technically captain of his ship The Greedy Bitch, which apparently he named after his sweetheart. However, to avoid mutinees, Cedric has adopted a strange command structure, and everyone refers to him as first mate despite there being no captain. Good for morale, says Cedric.
He’s a merchant primarily, although his skill with a cutlass suggests more than a just a misspent youth.

Cedric "Cut-Throat" Kessler

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