Captain Balthazar Braum

Hornlach guard commander


Braum’s stern jaw and hard eyes have always commanded respect, in his men and the townspeople of Hornlach, however his weathered features, nervous tabbaco stained fingers and the way he groans when he stands belay Braum’s age. He has seen too much suffering.

His current fate is unknown.


The stoic and commanding Braum has been a native of Hornlach all his life. He served in the Reikland armed forces as a younger man, coming home and marrying his sweetheart, a bar girl at the Ulric’s Thirst, when an injury motivated his return. He is well loved by the towns people, even if he’s been known to get rambunctious on wine every now and then. A competent commander, he’s done his best to protect his men from the currupting evils present in the old world. When a mutant was born in Hornlach it was Braum who dealt with the babe and it’s mother, and when a murderous travelling snake oil salesman stopped in Hornlach docks, it was Braum who fed him his own poison. He’s seen plenty of suffering in his time, while the men under his command live idyliic lives, thinking a violent riverboat crewman is the worst they’ll ever really have to deal with.

However, the news from Kliendorf’s guard commander Franz Bieber that they’re suffering from a plague, on top of the recent spate of mysterious dissapearances attributed to the “Hornlach Horror”, has brought to the fore the nightmares he so long had kept at bay. Delegating the investigation of the dissapearances to his savvy seargent Arminius Karst, Braum concentrated on securing the town and setting up quarantine conditions at the docks. However the evening that followed this news, Braum, nerves on edge, allowed himself a drink with his men. It may prove to have been his last, as unfortunately, he was not prepared for the arrival of The Chemist, or the duplicitous actions of Garen Eich, a wealthy playwright who’d been staying in Hornlach for the past week.

Captain Balthazar Braum

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