Bigby Blayse

Renowned Bright Order battle wizard


Dressed in fine, red Bright Order wizard robes that subtly announce his power and rank. His hair is black as coal, and his staff is a simple long wooden pole, the top of which burns like a candle.


A brilliant pyromancer, but for the most part stern and unfathomable. Said to be one of a number of wizards who could take over as Patricarch of the Bright Order after Thyrus Gorman, Bigby Blayse is the only one who hasn’t attained the rank of wizard lord. Unusual for a battle wizard, he does his best to not get involved in any political or inter-provincial disputes, and instead travels the old world, crossing sword and spell with enemies of the Empire and the Bright College. On occasion he circles back to Altdorf, and in particular has an interest and a good eye for new enrolments.

A number of pulp serials have been published about his adventures.

His current apprentice is a unusual young girl, with an specially crafted oversized staff.

Bigby Blayse

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