Betrix Berg

Matron of Grunberg Shallyan Hospice


Towering over the other priestesses, with muscled arms, strong hands (that plenty of patients have complained about) and a bosom straining against her strapped down gown, Matron Betrix Burg is affectionatly known by another name by the people of Grunberg. Behind her back she’s oft reffered to as “The Mountain” and woe betide anyone who who takes undue advantage of Shallya’s mercy in her presence.


Despite a height suggesting a Kislevite heritage, Betrix was born and bred in the Reikland, on a farm not far from Grunberg. She heeded the call to Shallya at a later age than most, her younger years spent in the Grunberg militia, protecting innocents from bandits and beastmen. Some of the other preistess joke she would have been better suited to a life as a warrior priest of Ulric or Sigmar, but of course, never to her face. A no-nonsense sensible woman, Betrix has a kind heart beneath her gruff exterior, not to mention a mind like a steel trap. Her hospice is a well oiled machine and under her guidance has become central to the oft unseen administrative side of the cult of Shallya.

Betrix Berg

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