Baron Manfred Von Holzenaur

Host of the upcoming ball and contender for control of Ubersreik


A dashing figure of about 30, charming and wellspoken, with his hair cropped military-short.


Baron Manfred is the third son of the von Holzenauers family, whose lands were lost during wars against the vampire counts generations ago. Since that time, they have been landless, surviving on the charity of other nobles and joining any army that will take them in the hopes of winning new lands.

Baron Manfred has come to Ubersreik, lured by rumors of an opportunity to become the overlord of the city. He has thrown everything in his attempts to win the town (and thus a portion of his once-proud family’s honor and status) the most extravagant perhaps being the upcoming Masquerade ball.

Baron Manfred Von Holzenaur

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