Andrea Pfeffer

Commander of the Ubersreik watch


A tough but attractive woman in her late thirties, blond of hair and of very short stature, and an icy demeanor towards anyone she suspects might have committed a crime, which is usually everyone.


Pfeffer has been commander of the watch for several years, thanks in part to her no nonsense attitude, zero-tolerance policies and her aptitude for violence. Despite her rough demeanour, or perhaps because of it, she has the loyalty of the men under her command, not to mention a grudging respect from the upper classes. With a sharp mind for political dealing (which she dislikes immensely), as well as criminal investigations. Although a competent investigator, she wouldn’t have climbed from beat cop to commander without burying a few scandals or turning a blind eye. Still, Pfeffer is known for putting the protection of Ubersreik’s citizens first, and seems to be honest for the most part.

“Did you hear what happened to constable Shrieber? Got given a new beat down on the docks. ‘Course a bronzer don’t last long down there; he got stuck in the night, body under bakers wharf in the morning. But the thing is, that week Shrieber had made a joke about Commander Pfeffer’s heritage possibly having some half-ling in it. Coincidence?” -Anonymous Corporal

Andrea Pfeffer

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