Amir Hassana

A dangerous pyromancer that uses his talents for personal gain


His black skin and frizzy hair draw to mind images of a man who’s been severely charred by his pyromatic pursuits, but in reality these traits are hereditary. Amir wears dark, rough, rust colored robes and prefers a beautifully engraved sword cane to a full staff. Cold calculating eyes shine dark from a foreign face, Amir is not a wizard to take lightly.


Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

Amir was born of a Arabyan merchant father and a Empirial noble mother. The union was greatly frowned on in the upper echelons of Empire society, and sailing the sea of claws was no life for a noble and her young son. It was Amir’s father who suggested sending Amir to the colleges, and both were relieved that Amir took to study so well, therefore avoiding the social stigma they had consigned themselves to (albeit replacing it with the social stigma all wizards suffer in the Empire.) Even at a young age, Amir was contemptuous of rules, and resented the fact he had to be sent away due to the enforced customs of nobles.

His magical ability was slow to take form, being a student who’s parents bought his way into the college, rather than being chosen for any innate aptitude. He studied under Roland Brennan, but found his tutaledge stifling and slow, and so sought out education on his own. Amir would haunt the bright order college library constantly and even managed to get his hands on a few proscribed texts. He never went any further than that, or so his masters thought. Over time his talents soared, as his comprehension and practical experience grew.

As a youth flush with money and magical power, and an unhealthy mix of noble arrogance, a quick Arabyan temper, and the unruly nature of the wind of Aqshy, Amir acted out, and drew the kind of trouble only a fearsome wizard with noble connections could get himself out of.
It was sometime around then that Amir met Herr Hell, and a fast friendship was formed. Their shared lust for knowledge found them moving in the same circles in Altdorf. When both men ended up in Aurswald they reconnected, but their friendship had cooled considerably, and they became more akin to amiable rivals than friends.

In Auerswald Amir made a point of befriending Andric Lutzen, witchhunter captain of the city, even assisting him in tracking down “persons condemnable on suspicion of heresy”, which allowed Andric greater favour with his own superiors.

Amir had no connection to Garen Eich untill a mutual friend required them to work together. Amir is no fan of Garen’s work.

It would seem that they had been helping The Chemist in his great ritual, however Amir is not the type of person to help another without a chance he himself would come out on top. Who knows what would have happened had the PC’s had not totally fucked him up.

Amir Hassana

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