Once Upon A Time In The Empire

The so far unnamed party caught a ride from Hornlach
With their carriage in ruins they needed a fall back
Fortunately a river barge arrived to complete their commute
The greedy bitch with first mate Kessler and his crew of ill repute
They made good speed after he cried “all aboard”
And they arrived in Auerswald in the dead of night, nothing untoward.

Edwin the Dockkeeper begrudged the imposition
That you snuck through the quarantine raised his suspicion
An ominous omen was encountered in the predawn light
You crossed the path of a dead man, giving you quite a fright
Morrslieb is there too, bathing everything in green
The ritual had many consequences that were unforeseen

Refugees in the ruins, the town burnt black by fire
The dwarf climbed a clock tower, his fall was quite dire
The bridge is out, the weathers too hot
A few too many homeless covered in red spots
Shops barred up, Crazy Hassan wasn’t even there to sell a potion
And ahead in the market square there was quite a commotion

There Rupert Julbach caught a short drop and a quick stop
Proving in this town Lucas Hazleman is the dog on top
He read the letter, but had more urgent matters to attend to
Missing carriages, unconscious dwarfs, the crowd making a hullabaloo
can all take a back seat, the army outside the gate needed addressing
The sound of catapults being constructed is always most distressing
Lucas decided to swear you into his inquisition, right then and there,
Blessing you with purpose, your armaments are your prayer
He gave you bandoliers, and some very swish hats
You must dress in style when on the hunt for rats
With the letter delivered with great and public aplomb
You’re now merciless killers in black, ready for a pogrom

But in the forest Magdelena Hundenfeur stared Lucas Hazleman down
Not his rank, not his orders, nor their history would let her spare this town
One week she gave you, to see this blight destroyed
Or else the barrels of pitch she brought down will be deployed
The situation is bleak, in Warhammer its always grim dark and grungy
That’s when you feel the ground shake, someone must have said “Jumanji”



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