Once Upon A Time In The Empire

Out Of The Woods

Two roads diverge in the Emperor’s wood
And signs can be so easily misunderstood

When the road split, the Shallyan was at the reigns
Perched precariously on what little carriage remains

North lay Grünberg city, Graille’s home
Rest and care beneath a Cathedral’s dome

A swift ship perhaps to bear them upriver
Along with the letter they’re tasked to deliver

South the path was overgrown, less used
Hard going for a coach so thoroughly abused

The party’s just as wrecked, in no better shape
The fight with the Elves was quite a scrape

Apparently they were here for the dwarf
But there’s no guarantee he’ll be safe in Kleindorf

Last anyone was there, the place was in need of aid
Villagers abducted, and sickness had breached its palisade

Franz Beiber might be there, perhaps a hot meal
Though Grünberg will be more likely to help you heal

North is Sanctuary, but south their destination
Which route to take needs some contemplation

Sometimes to go forward you must go back
It’s faster to Auerswald by barge than it is by dirt track

The Shallyan has a hippocratic oath to uphold
and most of his friends are thoroughly out cold

So what will they say when they awaken
only to find he chose the road less taken.



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