Once Upon A Time In The Empire

Delivered to Darkness.

Graille, Arminius, Murk, Kvothe and Ariana
These names hang from Aschaffenberg’s Mansion on a blue and gold banner.

Many men died that night, the city suffered a great loss
These five went into the sewers, and kicked the shit out of Chaos.

With the “beastman” threat vanquished, and Morrslieb on the wane.
They’ll never need to pay for a bowl of gruel in this town again.

But there’s no time to savor the victory, no time for merriment or mirth,
The dead litter the streets, and some streets sank into the earth

Since rescue efforts began, the body count has tripled
Half the town council is dead, and the military is crippled

The Priests of Morr are about, performing funeral rights and adding to the dread
The Shallyans are run of their feet just trying to keep the injured fed

Mutated Citizens are sprouting up all over town
Commander Pfeffer can never hunt them all down.

Flaggellants proselytize the attack as a sign the end times are near.
Witchhunters are on the prowl, which isn’t helping the fear

Suspected Skaven collaborators are being rounded up and shot.
The screams from the Chapter house tell us they all confess once caught_

Our heroes no doubt have questions of their own
Now that there’s a power vaccum, will Rickard take the throne?

Have they really spent three years chasing that Greyseer Rat?
Also Holy Shit, Kvothe has no arm, what are they gonna do about that?

There are mysteries that still need answering, the puzzle is not complete.
Perhaps another trip down memory lane will give them the answers they seek

Although maybe that’s a problem that, for now, should be put on the shelf.
More pressing is the question: Where the hell is the Elf?

Also, what happened to Graille? Did he rescue the girl proving his true grit?
Or did she die and is he now in a pit of suicidal despondency because the world’s so shit.

The Heroes of Grunewald Lodge, the heroes of Ubersreik.
They seem to possess a hardiness that is in someways unique

Their strength will be tested again, soon they’ll head back into the fray
Something gives them the impression a storm is on it’s way.

But they’re grasping for tomorrow, because today was recently seized
Their wounds are on the mend, and not ALL of them are diseased

They’re ready, they’re willing, gonna take the Old World by force.
Once they’ve done a little shopping of course.

But take heed, dear readers,
the heroes have come accustomed to winning.
Little do they know,
this was only the beginning.



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