According to legend, Fussen was named after a war horse owned by a fierce Unberogen tribesman. Whilst out hunting the warrior, who was a henchman of Emperor Sigmar Heldenhammer, tied his horse to a tree, in order to pursue some deer through the almost impassable terrain of the hills. His charger impatiently pawed the ground with its hooves whilst waiting for his master to return and so exposed a vein of silver ore.
The legend of course doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, since the town records date it as being founded in 1930, but aside from the two local priests of Verena, no one cares.

Little more than a tavern, a smattering of chapels and places of worship, a mine, it’s foundry and dwellings for the workers, Fussen is an insular town nestled in the hills. With no room among the harsh Hagercrybs for any expansion, Fussen’s small population produces a steady stream of income from the mine that keeps the townspeople fed without letting them become particularily rich.


The Mine
Rumoured to be older than the town itself, which sprung up around the old shaft over time. A deep and narrow mine, its twisting passage follows various ore seams.
The chief metals extracted from these ores included silver, lead, copper and zinc, on which the wealth of Fussen has been based for the last 500 years or so.

Old Fussy
The foundry, located on Fussen’s main street and nicknamed old fussy after it’s troublesome smelter, is the towns main source of wealth. A large building Those not employed in the mine work here, turning the ore into metals and organising their shipment to Kliendorf docks and beyond.

Shallyan Hospice
Ever since it’s founding, the miners that work in Fussen have had to struggle with black lung, a respitory disease contracted from working in the poorly ventilated mine. A Shallyan chapel was infact built into the hillside from excavated stone by the townspeople and then donated to the order. It’s plain facade and drooping bell tower betray it’s modest origins, as does the single dove made of stone set on it’s outside wall, that everyone thinks looks more like a duck. Still, the chapel has a certain quaint charm, and the people of Fussen have a tradition of great generosity towards their benevolent Godess and her followers. When the well loved Sister Marin pased away, the cult of Shallya dispatched a new priest, Heinrich, to maintain the hospice, since the elderly priestess had lets it’s condition languish recently.

Library of Verena
The most recent addition to the town has been a Library of Verena, set up in what used to be the town tannery by two priests who have the noble idea of bringing learning to the rural unwashed masses of the empire without much of a clue in regards of how to go about it. So far they have a large collection of donated books about mining, and have been teaching the odd townsperson to read.

After the events of Drink to Good Health Fussen is now a ghost town.


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