Once Upon A Time In The Empire

Doomed In Altdorf
There will be a reckoning.


Graille, Kvothe, Murk, Arminius and Arianna are in Altdorf, the seat of Power for the entire Empire.
They’ve just learnt the future holds a shit creek and a canoe of barbed wire.

But before they can deal with the future, they’ve gotta tidy up the past.
Wizard Niklas Schulman dangles a well paid assignment, no questions asked.

But the capital is dangerous. Lives cost only a silver crown, and not a thing is free.
This is not a city to linger in for long. That said; shopping spree?

Meantime, Graille is led into the Sanitorium of Mercy, a place no one ever leaves.
While the others meet with the Witchhunter General under the Emperial Palace eaves.

Soon they must go back to where it all began on that fateful Geheimisnact.
In itself a simple journey, which might still prove nigh impossible to enact.

What awaits the heroes, in the ruined town of Auerswald?
The Skaven’s plans aren’t done there, they were only forestalled.

What did their ritual power? What did it Summon?
Whats this tune going round that everyone keeps hummin’?

The buildings are burnt husks, and there are boats in the streets.
Professor Eich asked Murk to find his son Garen, that task is incomplete.

And somewhere in the tumbledown city is the inscrutable Steffan Hell.
Whatever his angle, wherever there’s chaos he seems to excel.

Oh, and there’s something else, something no-ones noticed, and it is nothing good.
Outside Auerswald, far from any paths. There’s a tree that wasn’t there before. In the dark dark wood.

Their destiny’s are intertwined. They’ve been shown their doom.
Never the less, stiff upper lip, let the adventures resume!

For they’re motherfucking badass. They won’t take death lying down.
The boys (ahem, and lady) are back.

“The Grand Archivist” goes a little nuts and begins proselytising their deaths. Of course being curious about the manner of their demise, the Heroes gaze into the Archivists Chrystal Ball and witness their own doom. With the archivist going mental in the background, they get ushered out by Niklas Schulman.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Oh look, more people are dead in Ubersreik
The Party has some explaining to do.
Did they find the leads they seek?
or are they up shit creek without a clue?

Delivered to Darkness.

Graille, Arminius, Murk, Kvothe and Ariana
These names hang from Aschaffenberg’s Mansion on a blue and gold banner.

Many men died that night, the city suffered a great loss
These five went into the sewers, and kicked the shit out of Chaos.

With the “beastman” threat vanquished, and Morrslieb on the wane.
They’ll never need to pay for a bowl of gruel in this town again.

But there’s no time to savor the victory, no time for merriment or mirth,
The dead litter the streets, and some streets sank into the earth

Since rescue efforts began, the body count has tripled
Half the town council is dead, and the military is crippled

The Priests of Morr are about, performing funeral rights and adding to the dread
The Shallyans are run of their feet just trying to keep the injured fed

Mutated Citizens are sprouting up all over town
Commander Pfeffer can never hunt them all down.

Flaggellants proselytize the attack as a sign the end times are near.
Witchhunters are on the prowl, which isn’t helping the fear

Suspected Skaven collaborators are being rounded up and shot.
The screams from the Chapter house tell us they all confess once caught_

Our heroes no doubt have questions of their own
Now that there’s a power vaccum, will Rickard take the throne?

Have they really spent three years chasing that Greyseer Rat?
Also Holy Shit, Kvothe has no arm, what are they gonna do about that?

There are mysteries that still need answering, the puzzle is not complete.
Perhaps another trip down memory lane will give them the answers they seek

Although maybe that’s a problem that, for now, should be put on the shelf.
More pressing is the question: Where the hell is the Elf?

Also, what happened to Graille? Did he rescue the girl proving his true grit?
Or did she die and is he now in a pit of suicidal despondency because the world’s so shit.

The Heroes of Grunewald Lodge, the heroes of Ubersreik.
They seem to possess a hardiness that is in someways unique

Their strength will be tested again, soon they’ll head back into the fray
Something gives them the impression a storm is on it’s way.

But they’re grasping for tomorrow, because today was recently seized
Their wounds are on the mend, and not ALL of them are diseased

They’re ready, they’re willing, gonna take the Old World by force.
Once they’ve done a little shopping of course.

But take heed, dear readers,
the heroes have come accustomed to winning.
Little do they know,
this was only the beginning.

Wake Up Murk
Our heroes discover why you should let sleeping Dwarves lie.

Murk’s having a late siesta, catching 40 winks
Alright technically he’s concussed, and had too much to drink.

A lot’s happened in his absence, while he’s been clowning around
Tension sure is high, even now that the party’s winding down.

So a recap, if you will: the ball started at seven.
Music, Gossip, feasting and dancing, high society heaven.

The Party hobnobbed with the best, and brought many guests around.
Allthough their cause was clearly slandered by knaves in the background.

The moon was hot, the guests were rowdy, there was a poisoning on the dance floor.
Everything got a bit fraught when they had to fight a boar.

Figures having been seen sneaking around the mansion with rat-like tread.
Handguns stolen, chimneys blocked, and the beer barrels have been bled.

Everyone’s convinced Aschaffenberg is more than a stuffed shirt.
The party swore him fealty finally, which probably didn’t hurt.

Yes indeed, the heroes of Grunewald lodge have been hard at work
But someone’s put it all at risk. Someone nudged murk.

SO, soon the party will discover EXACTLY what is meant by
The ancient Elven saying:
Let sleeping Dwarfs lie.

Murk Dwemer, amatuer thief, natural-born-engineer and experienced drunk awoke with a roar. He discovered the following:

-He’s got a massive hangover and is in NO MOOD.
-Someone had moved him from the bar. WTF? Where is the ale? Why is he in the Gallery?
-That someone was probably Sigmund Wurst, upon whose collapsed and struggling body Murk was lying.
-Also, ow! Murk’s face is covered in second degree burns and his mask smells strongly of coffee. Who did this!?
-And thats not the only injury. Murk’s got plenty of cuts and bruises, some rather obvious. Fortunatley the lump on his forhead is hidden behind the opaque lens of his goggles.
-His time spent abseiling outside in the hot light of Morrslieb has had an effect upon him. Murk’s hardy dwarven resilience was not enough to prevent him from receiving some mild curruption.
-Why is the Banqueting Hall on fire?
-And his wallet seems lighter! Where’s that 20 silver gone?
-Is that Borgun Foambeard swinging from the Chandalier, gnawing at the gold filigree?
-Why is everyone screaming? Why is there dead bodies everywhere? I fall asleep for one minute and…
-Why does Baron Manfred von Holzenaur have swords for hands!? By Grimnir his jaw is unhinged and filled with needle like fangs!
-Thats the unconscious body of Lorith Silverleaf at his feet. snort Stupid Elf.
-The towns Burgomeister, Erst Maler, has grown gills and spines and is currently spitting barbs at the guests.
-The Priest of Sigmar, Gunther Emming, and the Priest of Morr, Shadrach Burke, are currently squaring off against Madame Beumarteu, who’s mouth has grown extra wide and is filled with shark teeth. She splutteres demonic curses, and completely abandoned her brettonian accent.
-Baron Margrave Von Mackeson, ruler of Helmgart, who was dressed as a beastman, is now actually a beastman, and is coming up behind the two priests.
-There is a crush of guests at the front door, which is barred, resulting in the watch unable to get in.
-The severed head of Johann Brass, lies nearby, his iron mask soldered to his skull. Damn. He was a useful human.
-Kvothe and Ariana are fighting off two mutated guests in the doorway to the banqueting hall.
-Graille has been grabbed by Mariane Hertzliche, who was transformed into a harpy and borne him aloft. He’s at least 20 feet off the ground.
-Captain Erwin Blucher, Captain Andrea Pfeffer are on the stairs, back to back, fighting more mutants.
-Physician Otto Krupp is being attacked by his partner Bernardt Bayer, who’s throat has engorged into a froglike gullet. The melted body of his servant girlfriend and her husband lie nearby.
-The Duc du Grenouille is sitting, just staring at his feet as they transform into hooves.
-Most of the remaining guests, including Lord Heissman Von Bruner, Ludmilla von Bruner, Fritz Langenhorn, Alfred Karstat of the Merchants Guild, Vern Henrick and Rogni Deepdelve from Karak Azgaraz, are in the State Hall, where arminius is defedning them from several more mutants.

And as Murk’s bleary eyes registered the carnage and pandomonium around him, a feathered mutant approached; what remained of the Noble from Stimmengen; Wolfgang von Falkenheym. The fiend grabbed Murk’s sword arm and bit down on it with his sharp beak, breaking the arm in two! Murk, fire burning in his eyes, shattered a bottle of Bugman’s over the fethered fiends skull, and then from within the folds of his cloke, his REAL arm emerged, a loaded pistol grasped in his hand. The sparks from his gun, fired point blank into the fiends chest, ignited Wolfgang’s soaked feathers and turned him to a pillar of fire. His screams sounded as the smell of cooked flesh filled the ballroom.

And from then on the battle turned in favour of the PCs, although it was not without it’s tragedies. Madame Beumarteu blinded the good Sigmarite Priest Gunther Emming with two knitting needles in the eyes. Shadrake Burke’s arm was broken. Jean-Luc de Cadent, Duc de Grenouille escaped, smashing through the window at the rear of the State Hall. Graille crashed his once friend now Harpy, Mariane Hertliche, into the Chandelier, and then talked her into committing suicide. Murk went trigger happy and blew Margrave Von Mackessons beastman head clean off. Erwin Blucher was nearly killed by Von Holzenaur before Kvothe roasted him. Arriana killed the doctor, exploding his engorged gullet, but was then attacked by Madame Beumarteu, who screamed “you did this to me!” as she was stuck full of elven arrows. Borgun Foambeard rode Graille the 20 feet to the ballroom floor, but fortunetalty his fall was broken by Marriane’s corpse. Arminius lead the survivors well, and defended Ashaffenberg from the other mutants, along with Sigmund Wurst, who protected lady von Bruner from a long-tailed guest with a hidden dagger.

When the battle ceased, there were few left alive. Fewer still after the witchhunters arrived and executed anyone suspected of being tainted. Many innocents died. Steffan Hell’s name was written in the guestbook by someone. (A skaven assasin? Or was he in the crowd the whole time, hiding behind a masquerade mask?) Doctor Otto Krupp tended to wounds, but wasnt able to save the life of Gunther Emming, priest of Sigmar. Graille discovered he had completely and mysteriously forgotten how to tend a broken arm; fortunately Kvothe taught him again, but Shadrache Burke passed out in pain.

The war meeting:

After a vicious battle, an impromptu summit was called in the burned out husk of Von Holzenaur’s mansion. Present were Lord Heissman Von Bruner, Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg, his vassals; Vern Hendrick and Sigmund Wurst (Lady Ludmilla Von Bruner, at her wits end, had retired for the evening), Captain Erwin Blucher, commander of the Garrison, Captain Andrea Pfeffer, commander of the watch, Witch hunter Gelfradt Hadl, aka “Scarface”, and his 2 subordinates. Bigby Blaise, legendary hero, turned up aswell, his apprentice in tow. They had tried to raise Christophe Engle, but he was still sleeping off the booze. Bruno Gunther, the elderly priest of Sigmar was also present, on request of Lord Rickard.

Lord Rickard also summoned his newly appointed Liegemen (and woman), the motherfucking heroes of Grunwald Lodge and Holzenaur’s Ball; Kvothe, Murk, Ariana, Arminius and Graille.

Lord Rickard had promised justice, and so justice had to be done. A plan had to be formed.

Bigby Blaise pointed out there was an incoming storm, the clouds of which would hide the intense glare of Morrslieb. Whatever dark mind that was behind the attacks had not reckoned on Taal lending a hand to us. We will be able to move about on the streets freely in about an hour.

The witchhunters reported that they were still searching for The Duc de Grenouille and the Von Saponatheims, but neither had been found, and the Skaven Menace was the more immediate threat. The sewers would need to be cleansed.

Andrea Pfeffer reported that as soon as the guests had begun to mutate, there had been incursions all across the city by more rat things. Skaven cloaked in black rags had emerged from sewer gratings near the garrison, watch houses and guild halls. Clearly they had been sent to assassinate those second in command after their leaders had been dispatched at Holzenaur’s ball. But thanks to Kvothe’s warning, they had watchmen stationed at sewer entrances on high alert, ready to raise the alarm. Very few of those watchmen had survived. However, they did their job; had the assassinations succeeded, the chaos of the ball would no doubt have spread in the leaderless city, were it not for the fact that everyone at the ball was packing heat, and Lord Rickard had invited some total badasses.

The critically injured Erwin Blucher had put his forces towards instituting Marshall law across the city. This was agreed was for the best. Further attacks from the sewers could happen at any moment, and the citizens of Ubersreik needed to be kept safe and placated. Already news of the ball fiasco had spread and the city was at risk of mass hysteria. The entire garrison would be mobilised across the city to keep order.

However, the forces available to venture into the sewers were not so numerous. Most of the watch were farmers sons and ex-grocers, good in a scrap but no good in extended combat against creatures of chaos. However, Andrea Pfeffer did have two crack squads of 20 men each, and Blucher would send his first platoon of 50 halbierders into the sewers aswell.

However they had no map of the sewers. That was until Graille pulled out his, the one his rat-catcher friend (that he had organised a pardon for) had drawn for them. It’s rough, but it was enough to go by, and Graille got a pat on the back for producing it.

There was some talk of going and fetching the other sewerman as a guide (Noseless Brandt, from the Shallyan Hospice), but it was abandoned.

Rather than divide their forces too widely, it was decided the watch would enter the sewers from near the temple of Sigmar, where Skaven activity had been reported, and the garrison platoon would follow Bigby Blaise and the Lord Rickards cohort into the nearby well. The witchunters would split, two with Andrea Pfeffer, and one with Bigby, while Lord Rickard and Erwin Blucher kept order on the surface. Messengers were sent out from the city to gather help from allies.

With Ashaffenberg as their official patron, and with an important and dangerous mission to undertake, they were given aid and boons from the city. From the Dwarfs, thanks to Murk’s allegence and scheming, they were granted dwarf forged armour (discovered this set fits humans only, sorry Murk). From the temple of sigmar they were granted a sacred artifact, a prayer strip blessed by the grand theologist himself, and correctly secured by the Sigmarite Bruno (thanks to a healthy donation from the guilds on Aschaffenberg’s behalf). From Ashaffenberg himself, an impressive kite shield (sorry, not a tower shield yet) with Ashaffenberg’s blue and gold emblem. Ariana recieved a note from Lorith Silverleaf by way of one of her handmaidens: “Thankyou for your assistance at the ball lady Ariana. Come speak with me after you have killed every last Skaven. Keep the swords.”
Graille, from Shallyan Mariane Attenblum, got fuck all. Because thats how Shallya rolls.

So they set off, down into the darkeness. Ariana led the way, using her elf eyes to navigate the gloom. However.

It all started to go terribly wrong.

The Masquerade Part 3
Our heroes suspect there are rats in the larder
The Masquerade Part 2
Our heroes search for what's hidden behind the mask.
The Masquerade Part 1
The heroes rock out with their frocks out.

From Kvothe’s quill pen:

Having dealt with some ruffians who mistook me for the Shallyan, my comrades and I handled the local constabulary who were understandably upset about the immolated citizens and/or their carriage. That said, you’d think they’d be used to us and the destruction we cause in the name of Sigmar. Having the patronage of a Lord will hopefully change that.

On that note, we stopped off at the Von Bruner mansion on our way to the Ball. We received an update from Lord Aschaffenberg about the political climate of Ubersreik and heard some disturbing news: Von Saponatheim’s treacherous rumour mongering has hurt our standing with the Sigmarites, who luckily are still siding with us, presumably because we saved that priest from imps.

It has also – due, in part, to the lack of tact of Lord Heissman von Bruner – lost us the support of the City Watch and their stalwart Commander,Andrea Pfeffer. She’s thrown her lot in with Lord Holzenhauer, more’s the shame.

In attempt to save face, Aschaffenberg admitted that he sent us to investigate the Library of Verena – which of course lost us their support, too. A bit foolish of them, I’d say. They assume we were the ones who stole their chaotic papers – seems like we’re in a great position to do a lot of damage to their reputation, and they know it. Why they’d risk so publically opposing us is beyond me.

Vern got onto Bigby Blayse, but was turned down, as I guessed he would be. Further more, we learnt that the Dwarven community is split. Grundi Surehammer seems to be giving us his support, (apparently someone has his ear) although Lord Rickard seemed dubious that the leader of this Dwarven Community actually exists. However, the other two nobles have their own Dwarven supporters, and nothing has been heard from Karak Azgaraz- at least not since their gold was stolen back at Grunewald Lodge.

Still it was not all bad news. Apparently my advice was heeded, and although Aschaffenberg’s repute as a military leader is still in question, and his prestine piety now looks dubious as well, his standing with the merchant class has taken a jump, with Vern Hendricks having succesfully garnered the support of almost all the various Guilds in town, bar the Metalworkers, Physicians and Boatmen’s guilds. I suspect our show at the town meeting yesterday may have helped in the convincing.

Our conversation was cut short by the arrival of an angry mob, spurred on by none other than Von Saponatheim’s valet, Lurch. Arminius went out to deal with them head-on, while Sigmund Wurst tried to influence them from within, and the rest of us did our best to help Arminius play for time while we waited on the Watch to arrive. Unfortunately the rabble set fire to the house, and in an effort to stem the flames I unwittingly caused it to rain frogs on the protesting filth. Serves ‘em right, but by the same token, not the best way of convincing the rabble that the von Bruners aren’t Chaos sympathisers. To be honest, I can see their point – Lord von Bruner strikes me as a very suspicious indeed. Or maybe he’s just a jerk.

The mob dispersed, we set off to the Ball. Murk still hadn’t turned up after slipping away sometime earlier. His absence was beginning to dismay the rest of our group, but as always, there’s not much we can do when the Dwarf has his mind set on something. I chose not to mention the fact I saw him shimming around the outside of the mansion’s third floor windows when we arrived. Wouldn’t want them worrying.

We entered the Ball with no difficulties, and began doing our best to garner support for Lord Aschaffenberg. In the process of doing so, we also heard disturbing rumours that not only had a Skaven been spotted at Borgun’s Brewery a few nights ago, but a band of the vile creatures had attacked the brewer’s wagon on his way to the Ball. Luckily they were able to chase the cowardly monsters away, but it has me concerned. They are getting bolder.

Meanwhile, I was able to enchant Lord Aschaffenberg with a glamour when he entered, to impressive effect, and was able to convince the only other wizard in attendance (Grey Order, name of Engels) that Aschaffenberg was good news. I also chased off Lord Aschaffenberg’s idiotic nephew before he could blacken the family name any further. Arminius managed to smooth things over with Andrea Pfeiffer a bit, and Arianna flashed a bit of thigh at the Leader of the Boat-Guild, which definitely got his attention, but it was grubby little Murk that definitely stole the show. The Dwarf had spotted Lurch slipping a little something into Lord Aschaffenberg’s drink – what exactly it was, we shall never know – and with a bit of quick-thinking Murk was able to not only foil Lurch’s plan, but also slip his own poison into the drink and force the crafty valet to drink it himself, simultaneously damaging von Sapponatheim’s reputation and costing him the life of a valuable servant.

Still, after that little fiasco the guards here seem even more on edge. With their watchful eyes open, I’m sure nothing else could possibly go wrong tonight.

Now where did Murk go?


It is the Edge of Night, and there’s a party going down.
’Tis the event of the season, or so says the word around town.

But the atmosphere is oppressive, the city rotten at its core
Greenskins in the mountains, and there are rumblings of war.

Fear grips Ubersreik, and some “thing” stalks beyond the wall.
But hey who cares! Wind down, wear a mask, come to the ball.

Sure, Morrslieb hangs high, shining on the freshly hung banners.
But concentrate on etiquette, just know your manors from your manners.

The cat’s out of the bag; Saponatheim knows Aschaffenberg has lied.
Politicians try to stab you in the back before you even get near their spies.

There are creatures in the sewers, and people are acting weird.
The elf is sounding avaricious, meanwhile the Dwarf has disappeared.

Apparently the Shallyan made a carriage spontaneously combust
Everything is uncertain, so watch who you trust

This masquerade may well influence who will get the throne and win the race.
Nobles, Merchants, and priests: all the leaders of Ubersreik will be in one place.

So. The time has finally come for our heroes to roll the dice,
and see if they can tell the rats from the mice.

The Edge of Night
When our heroes stand on the brink, between darkness and light

From Arminius’ Pocket Notebook:

The day before the ball, our party split up to get some personal things done, and continue in our attempts to discover the nature of the chaotic menace at the heart of the city, as well as secure our position as favourites in the city’s hearts and minds. After accompanying Murk and Kvothe to the Metalworkers’ Guild, and fighting off a slew of chaotic imps while en route, I decided to refresh myself and leave my companions to their armouring. I rejoined Ariana and Graille on the way to the Shallyan hospice, where Graille was hoping to uncover more about the occupants of its attic.

Whilst he spoke with Priestess Kueper, Ariana and I spoke with two rat-catchers about an encounter they had had with one of the Skaven creatures we seem to be beset with. They had followed the creature through the sewer network to a disused warehouse, where they found hundreds upon hundreds of rats, injuring themselves in their attempts to escape. These men were harmless and confused – it seems Hendrick and Commander Pfeiffer are not taking any chances of letting knowledge of chaotic activity in the city reach the general public.

Deciding that this warehouse could potentially provide us a lead, we made our way towards the docks, by way of the Boatmans’ Guild to see if we could ascertain any useful information. Here, as with several times before, I used my guard-seargent breastplate to bypass a usually barred entrance – I feel I cannot continue abusing my uniform in this way, as it is becoming clear that the methods that my companions and I use to further our aims do not see legality as a consideration. For the dignity of my former office, and so that my companions and I might move without attracting as much watch attention, I fear I shall soon have to cast off my armour in favour of another garb.

I should hope that garb is armoured likewise, however, for from the Boatmans’ Guild, Graille was led into an ambush set by men whose signage he had drunkenly stolen. It had pained me to see the noble priest stoop to such levels, but, sensing trouble, I followed him out, and promptly suggested that Graille simply return their property. Graille did so, and the men left – but not before smashing my face for good measure. We rejoined Ariana and headed for the warehouse.

Once inside, we found nothing of any value. Approaching a large grain silo at the far end of the warehouse, I made the foolish mistake of checking for movement by hitting the silo with my blade. Movement there was – the rat-catchers had not exaggerated, and a torrent of rats exploded into the warehouse, quickly finding their prey. We climbed to higher ground, and Ariana tied cloth to my sword and lit it to make a firebrand. Holding the rats off, my friends and I bolted for the door. On the way, I noticed lanterns. I reasoned that the greatest cure for rats is a purge, I lit a lantern and ignited the wall, gesturing to Graille to do the same. My caution and restraint have deserted me these past three years, it seems.

Thinking quickly, I realised that we could turn our arson to our favour. We quickly marshalled a fire-fighting effort. I rallied the nearby workers to retrieve water from the river, and the blaze was controlled before it spread. Downplaying our role in the fire’s origin, we made much of our continued dedication to the protection of the city, in the name of our chosen patron, Lord Aschaffenberg. We appear to have earned even Commander Pfeiffer’s begrudging respect. Finding ourselves accosted once again, we were whisked off by cart to the Emperor’s Rest Hostel, in the rich district, to hear an offer from Graf von Saponatheim.

The Graf did not mince words – he offered us a highly lucrative patronage, wherein we would be agents in his organisation. I did not, and do not rate the man on any kind of scale of honour, and had no desire to accept his offer, tempting though it was. Ariana, finally growing impatient with non-elven political machinations, was less steadfast in her resolve. Graille refused to divulge the identities of those behind the quarantined patients in the Shallyan hospice, and thus von Suponatheim brazenly threatened to kill Sigmund Wurst in front of us. Not wishing death on the man, we relented – and gave our chosen patron’s chief rival valuable and damaging information about his doings.

Rushing to keep control of the political situation, we reconvened with our companions and Wurst, and devised a plan to keep Saponatheim occupied before he had a chance to use his information against us, long enough for us to frame him with the chaotic documents Murk found in the Temple of Verena. Kvothe attempted to visit Commander Pfeiffer, and left her an encrypted message in case of interception. The rest of us visited Vern Hendrick at Lord Aschaffenberg‘s lodgings, that he might prepare a defense of his lord. Hendrick revealed that Wurst had been identifying Saponatheim’s spies in Aschaffenberg’s operations, including their head chef. Demanding midnight nourishment, we loudly discussed misleading information in his presence, hopefully halting Saponatheim’s operations long enough for us to plant the documents at the ball.

The next morning, we witnessed a procession of flagellants making trouble in the city. I can’t stand these men – I believe that to live one’s life to its fullest, bravest and noblest extent is to please Sigmar, and not to spread discord and despair. Graille marshalled his words and turned the crowd against them – but we could not shake the feeling that the mood of the people was not too different from those insane fools. My resolve to defeat the chaotic menace in the city was hardened – I feel tonight will be the night.

Being summoned once more, we met briefly with the third of the viable candidates for leadership of Ubersreik, the military man von Holzenauer. He impressed us, and appreciated our uses as a special-operations unit, but his quest for power is primarily motivated by that for wealth and lands. Lord Aschaffenberg wishes to destroy chaotic forces, as I do – and so he must be my choice.

We attended the town council meeting at the Lord Mayor’s request, but decided to leverage our influence and popularity as heroes to the general populace to advance the cause of Lord Aschaffenberg, who, it transpires, has also offered us patronage. Our rabble-rousing had its intended effect, as we exposed von Suponatheim’s bribing practices and associated our own achievements with Aschaffenbergs. I felt bad for betraying the mayor – but Aschaffenberg’s leadership is the best outcome, for my party, and for this city.

Our business concluded, we journeyed again to the Hill to don our costumes for the ball. I felt very smart and noble in my Bretonnian armour – though it could’ve been a bit more practical. I shall have to keep my shield with me. While we changed, a group of assassins ambushed Kvothe, whom they thought to be Graille on account of his changed dress, and he dispatched them with ease and great theatrics. Though we did not discover their identities, we suppose them to be Suponatheim’s men – for we have declared openly against him now, and must weather the storm of his wrath. But I am not worried – for though three years of my life are gone, I know that it is these people who have kept me alive. I have no fear – only a desire to see right done in the world. Tonight, we play some role in the fortunes of this city – and I know that with these people, I will perform it well.
Edge of sewers


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