Once Upon A Time In The Empire

I Smell A Rat
Where our heroes return to Auerswald
Powers That Be
Where our heroes discover there's always a bigger fish.

The adventurers garnered some unwanted attention from a number of powerful people in Ubersreik. Graf Seigfried Von Saponatheim, an intellegent and wealthy noble, if a little pompous, certainly noticed them. The Bright Order college had seen that they’d been garnering distinction in the town, but it seemed possible that Kvothe maybe persona non-grata with his masters after whatever occurred in Auerswald three years ago. The Dwarves likewise, had a quiet word with Murk about various things. A run in with the law meant the captain of the guard at least now knows who they are, as does Magdelena, a powerful witch hunter captain. Furthermore, a brief run in with a brettonian man compounded on the party’s confusion. What was he babbling about? A sword? A quest? And why did he run away in fear when they didn’t recognise him.

The party is still strongly associated with Lord Aschffenberg in the eyes of the public and for the most part this has been a boon for the party, but they must tread carefully. Vern Hendrik, Aschaffenberg’s manservant, has reminded them that their actions effect Aschaffenberg’s reputation, while Graille, their old compatriate currently helping in Ubersreik’s shallyan hospice, has told them Aschaffenberg was behind a large loss of funds for the temple, meaning perhaps his popularity in town is not yet completely solidified. More and more mysteries keep turning up about the character’s past and on top of all this, The Chemist is alive and well and clearly very interested in the group.

Two of the Chemist’s agent’s made attempts on the lives of the party. A human thug tried to start a bar brawl and instigate the party, but through a combination of social skills and Qvothe’s head turning into a skull the PC’s were succesful in defusing the situation.
Before the Assasin could tell them much however, he was murdered himself by a robed figure. The party gave chase and through sheer tanacity and liberal use of immobilising shot, managed to bring down the fleeing figure. Upon removing the cowl, he was revealed to be a strange rat faced beastman, that Murk identified as a “Skaven”. The Skaven are of course a myth, but how a beastman managed to get into the city at all is a real mystery.

The party has a lot of questions to answer, and literally infinite ways to go about it. But time is of the essence. A couple of weeks away is a huge Masquerade ball (the party is in possesion of half an invite, with the chemist’s scrawl on the back) which will be the event of the season. It seems all the big players in town will be there, and the fate of the city may well be decided. But the party hasn’t even been asked to attend! But do they really want to, if they only have half the facts?

Siegfried 2

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To Find What Was Forgotten
Where our heroes must deal with the aftermath

Recap by Mark and company:

Basically we killed every last cultist and beast man and then told everyone it was actually Lord Aschaffenberg by himself for some dumb reason, so there goes our shot at renown. On the way back in the town of [Someshit], Murk got very frisky all of a sudden and Ariana didn’t deal well but actually we found a bunch of shady shit he was packing and had to anesthetize him so he wouldn’t blab, so actually good call on shoving him against a wall and threatening him in the middle of a crowded bar. A great day for the party.

Later that night, a man who possessed either tree-like attributes or a large, portable tree to hide behind talked to Ariana in her head. At the same time, Kvothe found a dead woman and it seemed like a bunch of people had lost their memories. I don’t think we quite made the connection at the time but THE SAME DAMN THING HAPPENED TO US GUYS WHY DID WE HAVE TO WAIT TO BE TOLD THAT WHAT anyway

We got to the city and the demon hunters were all ‘we gotta summon this demon to kill it, sorry guys only way’, so they summoned the shittiest demon in existence and two of his shitty friends. Like the demons who teased all the time because they like Yu-Gi-Oh or something. They were no trouble.

Anyways afterwards we bumper into a dude who was very happy to see Arminius and Ariana but gave no shits about the dwarf or the wizard, probably because they’re both interminable fucks. But! When he found out we’d lost our memories he was like ‘Welp sorry guys guess you’re gonna die was great seeing you again except for you dwarf and you wizard’. It was pretty clear that we were the victims of this guy … Or perhaps one of his more arboreal kin.

We went and talked to Lord Aschaffenberg’s wife, and she was Not Very Interesting (read: it was like 2am and we were tired and I can’t remember her saying anything even remotely significant, except that her cousin had occult interests). Giles went off to talk to some dwarves about learning a trade.

Points of interest:
- Magdelena the witch huntress seemed like a hardass bitch and after we were done with the shitty demons went off to the Lodge to make sure there was no more shady shit. If we keep getting ourselves into Chaotic, chaotic situations, I suspect we’ll cross paths with her again, but for now we’re in her good books for murdering demons while she was lying in a dazed heap on the floor.

- The Chemist. After the whole cultist thing shook out, a very strange thing was discovered in the woods – by god, it looks like the skin of the doctor’s niece who was asleep in the room! By god, the door to her room has been blown open with great magical force! By god, someone observed magic around her! The implications are clear – either the disembodied innards of a young girl are walking around creeping everyone out, or our great nemesis was under our nose all along. As for what he’s doing now, fuck knows – he also seems to be unconnected to the Slender Tree thus far, but considering he captured us all and was there with us when we came to three years later, I’m sure he has not disappeared from our lives yet. There was also a seemingly unrelated figure known as the Chemist living in a northern city, but I don’t remember any details, so someone please fill us in.

- Lady Von Bruner (wife of our former employer) possesses a flower that is known to be useful in curing amnesia if prepared properly, and if I recall knows where to get more in the required amounts. Unfortunately the potion knocks you out for a couple of days (it’s got schlaff in it) and, if we’re to believe the man who told us we were all gonna get killed soon, we’re kind of on the clock, not to mention the political melting pot the city appears to be fast becoming. Nevertheless, we may decide to pursue that option.

- we could return to the town of [Someshit] and investigate our Happy Tree Friend, though I suspect that no-one in the town’s going to be any help, considering the memory loss going on there. It’s a potential lead.

- we can continue chasing leads from our own lives – this other Chemist is only one or two degrees of separation away from some of our party members, and well, the name is curious. Wouldn’t quite know where to start with that one though.

- We could forget about all the shit goin on and just look for a job. That seemed to bear fruit for us last time.

Phillip adds:

We also convinced Lord Aschafenberg to give us a piece of paper saying we’re awesome, and we’re sort of working for him as of now. He is one of three nobles who could potentially become the ruler of Ubersreik in the near future, and since we totally made him sound like a badass because of our heroic actions at the lodge, he looks to be a likely candidate.

Also Stefan von Hell was an agent of the Witchhunters who went by the codename Chemist about a decade ago. He runs a Bright Order club called The Brimstone Club in Auerswald, which is the town in which we all got ourselves captured by the new!Chemist and lost three years of our lives in. So we could visit him, I guess.

Also, Kvoth met another fire wizard who said some mildly intersting shit. And Graille is chilling in the Shallyan hospice. The piece of paper said that the artifacts the party is carrying are meant for distruction, and that we were carrying out that task for Lord Aschaffenberg.

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The Painting
Where our heroes fight for their lives

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An Eye for an Eye
Where our heroes get to the bottom of the mystery at Grunewald Lodge

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The Drawing Of The Five/Mansions and Memories
When were we?

A new age is beginning. The winds of magic blow strongly, Morrslieb and Manslieb, the Old World’s two moons shine brightly in the night sky and Sigmar’s comet is said to have been spotted by soothsayers and astrologers across the Empire. Turmoil and conflict are ever present. Storms appear out of nowhere, and the land is rife with fear and suspicion. Rumours abound of cults that worship the ruinous powers rising up, of mutants lurking in the forest attacking caravans, and of raiders from the frozen wastes s
triking further and further south. War is coming to the Empire.

However, for every age, there are those willing to stand up and fight, those for whom destiny has its own unseen plans. Ingenious Dwarfs, brave humans, and enigmatic wood elves must set aside their differences to face grave peril and evil forces bent on destroying the Old World. Fortune favors the bold, and these poor soles will need all the fortune they can muster.

Our Heroes wake to find themselves sleeping in the Red Moon Inn in Ubersreik. They have no memory of the last three years. A note in Graille’s own handwriting says “Find the Chemist. Kill him.”

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The Drawing of the Five/ Training Day
Kvothe's introductory adventure
The Drawing of The Five/ Dropped Guard
Arminius' introductory adventure

Seargeant Arminius Karst of the south gate of Hornlach is bored of an excitement-free life.


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