Once Upon A Time In The Empire

The Rising Tide
Where our heroes jump ship

From Kvothe’s quill pen:

I thought we’d bought it when Commander Rupert Julbach caught us in that Skaven-infested mansion that was burning to the ground around us. Sure, the fire was technically my doing, but what kind of moron walks into a house with a scores of dead rat-men and assumes the surviving humans are the bad guys?

Still, a bit of fast talking got him to escort us to Witch Hunter Lucas Hazelman. From what I’d heard of the guy – having never actually been introduced to him, on account of having been hiding in a backroom with the Dwarf at the time – he seemed pretty trustworthy. At least, as trustworthy as a Witchhunter can be, in theory. I figured the odds of there being two corrupt Witchhunters in one city was as likely as, well…one corrupt Witchhunter in a city. But it’s not like we had much choice. It was Hazelman, or gaol.

I thought we’d bought it a second time when the Commander took the Dwarf aside for a bit of one-on-one. To my – and everyone else’s – surprise, Rupert didn’t have us all executed on the spot on account of the Dwarf’s manners. It must have been our lucky day.

I was thanking my lucky stars right up until the point were we got jumped by another group of Skaven at the supposed meeting place with Hazelman. My companions readied themselves for a fight – and I readied myself for us getting blamed for luring the City Watch into a Skaven trap – when Hazelman showed up and slaughtered most of the vermin in one fell swoop. After having seen Amir completely roast Hazelman’s corrupt partner, I had sort of mentally relegated the Witchhunters – along with most everything else – into the category of ‘Something A Bright Order Wizard Can Easily Deal With’. I’m beginning to see why they are the objects of such intense fear and respect throughout the Empire. I wonder – are they all like Hazelman?

Having just been saved from another Skaven assault, my luck once again flipped and Hazelman had me arrested. How many times has it been, now? Still, I let the Priest do the talking, and the Witchhunter soon saw sense. A good move on his part – the last Witchhunter who tried to arrest me is now lying well-done in a gutter somewhere.

We were about to start making plans with the Commander and the Witchhunter vis-à-vis the massive Chaos ritual going down tonight when I noticed the Dwarf was greedily picking something off the ground. Julbach noticed too, and immediately yelled for everyone to hit the ground, which is a military term for ‘don’t be where you currently are’. A skaven wielding a torch leapt up from the docks and set fire to the massive trail of warp-stone infused gunpowder we were all standing on.

I briefly contemplated trying to snuff out the flames but I had not reckoned on the warp-stone; it burnt like the very blazes and within mere seconds most of the street was on fire and the warehouse we’d been held in by the Chemist detonated with an almighty bang.

Having survived the explosion mostly intact, we were joined by the Captain of the Greedy Bitch, and we made our plans quickly and efficiently, with minimum squabbling. Using my magical sights on the river revealed that there was a whole lot of Amethyst Wind flying about – Death magic – as well as a lot of Celestial stuff as well. I deduced that the ritual was powered by death, and that a multitude of ships on the harbor – the Captain of the Greedy Bitch mentioned that they were all ships that had gone missing over the last few weeks – held prisoners who would be executed en masse at midnight, which would release a whole lot of death energy in the giant magical circle they had constructed, which they would use for some unholy ritual of unimaginable power. In another interesting side-note, it turns out that the Sigmar Priest, Father Whathisname is an old friend and ally of the Witchhunter Lucas Hazelman. The plot thickens! Someone who is shown such levels of respect by a Witchhunter is someone to look out for indeed. After a quick discussion, we decided to split up – Franz, myself, and the rest of my comrades would attempt to board a nearby ship and use it to break the Skaven-blockade that had been set up around the central vessel on which the ritual was going to happen. The Witchhunter, Julbach and the Captain of the Greedy Bitch would all do their best to liberate and evacuate as many ships on the river whilst simultaneously doing their best to distract the Skaven patrolling the waters and protecting the ritual-ship.

Without further ado, we started leaping from ship to ship – some of us with more success than others (I don’t mean to brag, but I seem to have discovered a way of blasting myself through the air using magical fire; I am keen to see if I can replicate my feat!). Without hesitation, we began our assault on one of the prisoner ships, and found our enemies were these Kislev mercenaries we’d heard so much about. After a brisk battle, in which the Elf fell into the drink a bunch of times, the Dwarf almost lost his hand (and a prized pistol) due to some interesting use of warp-stone as gunpowder (note to self: keep an eye on the Dwarf), and I blasted a few nicely satisfying chunks off the ship.

We boarded, got rid of the last Kislev dog, liberated the prisoners, and were jumped by an eye-patched cultist who had apparently been directing the merceneries for his Chaotic masters and had previously been seen kidnapping the people of Franz’s village. We interrogated him, discovered little we didn’t know, and then squabbled about whether or not to kill him while the prisoners were evacuated. Too late, we realized that our squabbling had distracted us from the real threat – a Skaven ship was heading straight for us. While Franz, the Guard, the Priest and the Elf secured us a get-away rowboat, the Dwarf and I hatched a plan to burn the entire (now empty) boat down to the water while the incoming Skaven boarded it. To our surprise we found the hold to be full of gunpowder and warpstone. We quickly took this information in our stride and incorporated it in our plan. A few minutes and a gunpowder trail later, we lowered ourselves into the rowboat and desperately put as much distance between ourselves, the recently liberated prison boat, and the rapidly approaching Skaven mauraders as possible before the ship detonated in a huge fireball I doubt even the Wizard-Lords of the Bright Order could have managed.

The Skaven died, that much is certain – but their deaths only served to power up the approaching ritual. Even worse, as our one-eyed captive informed us after we’d lit the fuse, was that all the ships were full of gunpowder as well, and were supposed to detonate all together. Sure enough, across the harbor, the dim-witted Skaven took our explosion as the signal to blow, and blew another prisoner-laden ship to Kingdom Come. We’ve kicked off the detonation chain early, and a lot of people have died as a result. We’re all a bit rattled, the Priest especially. There will be time for mourning and guilt later; all this means is that we have to stop the ritual at all cost, lest this sacrifice be in vain!"

On The Waterfront
Where our heroes find themselves between a rat and a hard place.

From Ariana’s stylus:

“Tonight, trapped in a burning waterfront mansion, we fought more skaven scum. I was worried at first about the sheer number of them, but it turned out they were all mucus and no grunt. None the less, we came out barely unscathed. Although it appears some of the men are still injured from a previous battle.

The wizard miscast a spell again. It worries me that he keeps doing that. This time I think he scared that poor priest half to death.

I’m so sick of cleaning up other peoples messes. I’m not even sure how I got stuck with this bunch of misfits. They seem nice enough but I’m not sure if I can really trust them yet… especially that arrogant little dwarf.

The guards conveniently showed up just after we finished dealing with the scaven and wanted to arrest us all. It sounded like half of this mess was caused by the dwarf in the first place. I would’ve been quite happy if they had just taken him and left the rest of us alone. They’re now accompanying us to a witch hunter so we can stop this chaos ritual before time runs out.

I have a bad feeling about all of this."

Burning waterfront mansion

Where There Is Smoke
Where our heroes' pasts come back to bite them.

Awaiting Franz Bieber’s recounting in full:

  • Ariana finds herself awoken by a small child.
  • Franz, Karl and Initiate Hammlin are arguing.
  • Father Barthelm is leading refugees in prayer.
  • The Boat is trying to navigate crowded waters & smoke. Sailors with barge poles slowly push away vessels in their path, while a lookout searches for specific ships.
  • The city is an inferno. All around is fire and dying people!
  • Ariana and Franz jump from boat to boat to get to the shore.
  • They follow the party’s trail of destructio to the playhouse.
  • At the theatre Franz spots Arminius in the company of a witchhunter. Unsure weather he has been arrested, and terrified of the Templars of Sigmar, Franz leads the way in trailing Arminius, first to the holding cells near the warf, then on to Crazy Hassans.
  • Once they meet up and disentange themselves from Hassans suggestive selling, they head to Uncommon Goods, Amir Hassana’s burnt down shop front.
  • They fight and apparently defeat Amir Hassana after witnessing his murder of Witchhunter Andric Lutzen.
  • Before they go far however, they get waylaid by a patrol of soldiers. A runner leaves to bring back their C.O. to question their captives.
  • Fortuitously, The Professor, Murk’s employer and Garen Eich’s grandfather, chooes that moment to turn up. He sends Murk and his compatriates on what sounds like a pointless errand, but the party happily follow the noble’s orders before the soldiers have a chance to fetch Rupert Julbach.
  • At the Eich mansion they stumble across skaven looking for Garen Eich, and kidnapping his servants. Dun. Dun. Dun.
Get Your Towels Ready
Where our heroes are on a boat.

Greedy bitch
The party of adventurers wake up on a boat on the river Teufal, in the burning city of Auerswald, in the year 2517. It seems the crew of the Greedy Bitch, led by Cedric “Cut-Throat” Kessler, Franz Bieber from Kliendorf and Acolyte Hammlin from Hornlach, with the unwarranted but still appreciated help of Murk Dwemer, rescued the party from the fate that befell them after their introductory adventure.

This session follows on chronologically from those introductory sessions, occurring on Geheimnistag, the same day as Kvothe’s and Murk’s adventures on the streets of Aurswald. For a different perspective on these events, see Franz’s Story (Part 1)

Unfortunately, during the rescue, Ariana was partially submerged in the Schlaff trough, and so, still drenched in the drug, was impossible to rouse.

The party awoke to find themselves in the sleeping quarters of a boat. Outside they could hear shouts and screams echoing in the encroaching twilight. Ariana still slumbered, her hair covered in green muck. Murk was manacled to a post. Also in the cabin with them was a critically injured Father Barthelm.

While Murk freed himself the others got to work quickly on first aiding the injured Sigmarite priest. It looked as if someone had applied some rudimentary bandages, but they were clealy no healer, and the priest would likely have died from his wounds had not the party immidiately intervened upon their waking up.

Murk attempted to see outside, between a gap in the wooden hull, but he could only catch a glimpse of fire and running people. Unfortunately Murk didn’t know his own strength and in trying to widen the slit, sprang a leak below water level.

As water slowly trickled aboard, the group opened the unlocked door to their cabin. They came face to face with almost 20 scared people and nearly that number in loaded crossbows pointed at them. A little fast talking got the crew and passengers of The Greedy Bitch to lower their weapons.

A number of familar faces were revealed to be behind the Crossbows. Along with about ten red shirts crew members, guardsmen Franz and Karl from Kliendorf were caught by Graille’s eye, while Arminius spotted old acquantances; acolyte of Sigmar Hammlin, and guardsmen Jacob and Irene from Hornlach.

Cedric, the first mate, directed one of his crew to patch up the leak, while sending a glare the party’s way. Other crewmembers wandered on, while Franz gave the party the gist of what’d been happening. The crew and passengers of the Greedy Bitch, the party’s would-be-rescuers, are fractious and dissonant. Cedric wants his money, Franz is an acting guard captain so the others wont obey him, Acolyte Hammlin is a raging dufus, and everyone is somewhat paralyzed as to what to do next. Furthermore it seemed everyone knew little, specific things, but a lack of communication and a rushed rescue attempt meant noone knew the entire situation.

The Characters went up on deck, where they found the city of Aurswald was on fire. The Slums, the docks, and the wealthy and the warehouse districts were all aflame. The river was clogged with fleeing refugees, all clinging to dinghys, life boats, bits of driftwood or filling the deck of every larger vessel to capacity, and the Greedy Bitch was no exception, it’s own surface area crammed with people. The river, from the Rocky Bridge to the Karl-Franz bridge, was choc-a-bloc with the townspeople of Auerswald, almost all of whom can’t swim.

Murk took the opportunity to investigate the river barge. He broke into the ‘captains’ quaters and nicked a few coins and weapon or two from quite a suspiciously large stash. Meanwhile, the party called a meeting. Cedric demanded his payment, and mentioned as part of his greivances the dissapearances of various river boats on the Teufel in the last year. He didn’t want to be next on the list, and he rattled off a series of names of a number of vanished vessels, and was about to say he thought he might have seen one or two out on the water that very night but was cut off by the impatient party members, who were too busy solving a mystery to listen to clues.

Other characters aboard shared what they knew. It seemed the local Garrison commander, Rupert Julbach, was convinced the attacks on Auerswald have been purpertrated by agents from Ubersreik, a rival city, and as such has instigated marshall law and a strict curfew (not that anyone would be deliberately out of doors on Geheimisnacht anyway) and has had his soldiers patrolling the streets since sundown. The evidence of chaos worshippers in both Kliendorf and Hornlach seemed to suggest the recent kidnappings were all part of a larger cultist scheme, perhaps some dark ritual to be enacted on the night of mystery. Irene and Jacob had had a run in with some foreign mercenaries transporting more unconcious prisoners through the streets, which suggested their towns had not been the only ones hit, while Franz claimed to have seen inhuman shapes on the rooftops of Auerswald. All in all, it was looking like the party had a long night ahead of them.

The party solved Cedric’s payment issue (mostly by guilting him into continuing to help) and managed to wrench from the group every scrap of information they’d gathered in town since they’d arrived. No one had any idea what was actually going on however. Before they could make another move though, the party heard scrabbling in the walls, like some large rat was in the hold somewhere. The party, surprisingly, did not immidiately try to stab the creature through the wooden walls, instead rushed up on deck to investigate. There they found, beneath a trapdoor, a young boy, who Graille recognised as Karmichael.

Karmichael it seemed had stowed away aboard the Greedy Bitch in Kliendorf, and had been wondering the streets of Auerswald the past day, searching for adventure and ways to help. Fortuitously, he had on him another important clue, a flyer for Garen Eich’s play The Rewards of Power. The flyer promoted the fact an “actual chaotic ritual” was dramtized onstage. It sounded all too familar. Further investigation looked like the way to go.

The party decided to set off into the streets of Auerswald. Cedric and The Greedy Bitch would try to investigate the river, and perhaps mount a second rescue attempt, as Murk knew many of the prisoners were put aboard a long cutter called the Rum Runner, and an old prison barge named The Maidstone, along with a butt-load of fireworks and black powder. Unfortunatley the smoke blocked almost all vision on the water, so they would have to actively search the river. They agreed to meet up at a different warf later, as the crowded river was tortuous to navigate through.

Getting off the ship turned out to be easier said then done, as there are still dozens of people swarming the docks, trying to get aboard any ship they could, the streets behind them awash with fire. The refugees seem especially desperate, as if afraid of something more than the inferno, but the party doesn’t question it, perhaps assigning their frantic, crazed behaviour to typical supersticons about the night of mystery and nothing more. The party managed to disembark without flooding the Greedy Bitch with more townspeople. Murk pondered stealing the Greedy Bitch’s corgi, but wisely left it temporarily behind.

The streets of Auerswald were deserted. The party avoided the burning buildings and succesfully dodged the armed soldiers that were patrolling the streets, enforcing curfew and looking for spys from Ubersreik. Although briefly pursued, the party managed to loose them in the smoke by effectively turning one patrol on the other.

Murk took them via the old abbatoir and warehouse where they were imprisoned earlier. The party explored the holding cells, and discovered evidence of The Chemists experiments with making potent Schlaff. One of the party members wondered into the storeroom where barrels of the stuff were being kept (the same room Graille ended his adventure in) to very heady results. Murk carefully took a few jars of de druuggs.

The party set off along the shore towards the playhouse. A failure to observe their surroundings meant the party had no idea they were being followed. Nor did they notice the great big chain stretched across the road. Almost everyone one of them literally tripped over it. Their shadowy pursuers took that moment to reveal themselves. With sinister chuckles, four masked men stepped out of the smoke and immidiately attacked Murk. When the rest of the party leapt to Murk’s defence, they changed tact, attempting to reason with the group, saying that they only wanted the dwarf. The party were having none of it, despite the attackers being no standard ruffians. The battle raged across the Rocky Bridge, untill three of the group were dispatched. Murk was not looking too hot either, and the last man attempted to push his unconscious body into the Teufal. While he might have been prepared for the stockyness of the dwarven race, he didn’t reckon on the inordinate amount of weight the dwarf was crarrying, and the lithe attacker discovered he could not shift his bulk.

Cornered, the man gave away a few clues in his desperation, most notably that his life was forfeit if he returned defeated. Who could have such sway over men? The party offered the endentured killer a number of ways out, but the man ceased being forthcoming and hurled himself over the side and into the drink. Its doubtful he could swim.

With an unconscious Dwarf that weighed a ton, the party dragged his body through the streets, to find somewhere that might provide assistance. How lucky they were to find Crazy Hassan’s, a shop whose owner recognised Murk. Clearly they had traded in the past, and Murk must have been generous or something because Hassan was eager to proffer a very special healing potion of his own creation. Murk duly drank it to unexpected results.

While the party tended over their fallen comrade, Arminius went on to investigate the Auerswald playhouse. There he found a scene of destruction and carnage. The place was swarming with soldiers, including what looked to be a very high ranking officer, likely Commander Julbach himself. The rear of the theatre was a burnt husk, despite the building being far away from the fire in the slums. Out the front the cobble stones on the street where shattered, numerous shop fronts had had their windows blown in, while the front of the building was scorched as if from some sort of explosion. Adding to the scene where vast pools of blood and large chunks of horse flesh that had splattered the surrounding area. Certainly some sort of adventure had occurred here, and the sheer amount of ruination pointed towards a particularily rowdy dwarf.

Arminius availed himself of a lightly guarded side entrance, talking his way past the soldiers on duty by claiming he was loking for a lost wedding ring. Arminius is clearly a very charming guy. Inside he stealthily crept through the empty auditorium, searching for a copy of the Garen Eich’s blasphemous play. So intnent on being silent was Amrinius, that he practically bumped into Witch Hunter Lucas Hazleman.

Lucas was very interested to know why Arminius was sneaking around, and asked Lucas a number of prying questions. Arminius attempted to fib, but being a witchunter, Lucas saw through his deceit. Arminius finally conceited and said “Look. I’ve been involved in Cultist activity.” The change that came of Hazleman was drastic, as he took a step back, horror upon his face, and his rapier was nearly completely unsheathed before Arminius explained that perhaps it was a poor choice of words. Arminius then told Hazleman ‘everything’, his adventures in Hornlach, his capture, his recent awakening in Auerswald and his discoveries so far, leaving out Murk and Kvothe from his story, since there was reason to believe they may be wanted criminals.

Hazleman asked to be taken to Arminius’s compatriates to corroborate his story. Arminius, unable to ignore his instinct to be decietful, instead lead Hazleman to the meat packing warehouse where the group had been held. Neither man realised they were being followed by Franz and Ariana at this point, nor did they spot the beady red eyes watching them from the darkness of the warehouse.

Hazleman recognised the evidence of extended imprisonment within the building, but suspecting Arminius of stalling, demanded he be taken immidiately to Arminius’s co-conspirators, so Arminius duly led on. At Crazy Hassans, Murk was still out like a light in the back room, but the others corroborated Arminius’s tale. Hazleman, fending off Crazy Hassan’s attempt at selling his conconctions, announced he would go confer with his partner, Andric Lutzen, and meet the party where they said they would rendevous with The Greedy Bitch.

And so, with the city still burning, and clearly some vast chaotic ritual being undertaken, the session ended.

Broken Dreams
Where our heroes get lost in memories. And the memories aren't their own.
I Smell A Rat
Where our heroes return to Auerswald
Powers That Be
Where our heroes discover there's always a bigger fish.

The adventurers garnered some unwanted attention from a number of powerful people in Ubersreik. Graf Seigfried Von Saponatheim, an intellegent and wealthy noble, if a little pompous, certainly noticed them. The Bright Order college had seen that they’d been garnering distinction in the town, but it seemed possible that Kvothe maybe persona non-grata with his masters after whatever occurred in Auerswald three years ago. The Dwarves likewise, had a quiet word with Murk about various things. A run in with the law meant the captain of the guard at least now knows who they are, as does Magdelena, a powerful witch hunter captain. Furthermore, a brief run in with a brettonian man compounded on the party’s confusion. What was he babbling about? A sword? A quest? And why did he run away in fear when they didn’t recognise him.

The party is still strongly associated with Lord Aschffenberg in the eyes of the public and for the most part this has been a boon for the party, but they must tread carefully. Vern Hendrik, Aschaffenberg’s manservant, has reminded them that their actions effect Aschaffenberg’s reputation, while Graille, their old compatriate currently helping in Ubersreik’s shallyan hospice, has told them Aschaffenberg was behind a large loss of funds for the temple, meaning perhaps his popularity in town is not yet completely solidified. More and more mysteries keep turning up about the character’s past and on top of all this, The Chemist is alive and well and clearly very interested in the group.

Two of the Chemist’s agent’s made attempts on the lives of the party. A human thug tried to start a bar brawl and instigate the party, but through a combination of social skills and Qvothe’s head turning into a skull the PC’s were succesful in defusing the situation.
Before the Assasin could tell them much however, he was murdered himself by a robed figure. The party gave chase and through sheer tanacity and liberal use of immobilising shot, managed to bring down the fleeing figure. Upon removing the cowl, he was revealed to be a strange rat faced beastman, that Murk identified as a “Skaven”. The Skaven are of course a myth, but how a beastman managed to get into the city at all is a real mystery.

The party has a lot of questions to answer, and literally infinite ways to go about it. But time is of the essence. A couple of weeks away is a huge Masquerade ball (the party is in possesion of half an invite, with the chemist’s scrawl on the back) which will be the event of the season. It seems all the big players in town will be there, and the fate of the city may well be decided. But the party hasn’t even been asked to attend! But do they really want to, if they only have half the facts?

Siegfried 2

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To Find What Was Forgotten
Where our heroes must deal with the aftermath

Recap by Mark and company:

Basically we killed every last cultist and beast man and then told everyone it was actually Lord Aschaffenberg by himself for some dumb reason, so there goes our shot at renown. On the way back in the town of [Someshit], Murk got very frisky all of a sudden and Ariana didn’t deal well but actually we found a bunch of shady shit he was packing and had to anesthetize him so he wouldn’t blab, so actually good call on shoving him against a wall and threatening him in the middle of a crowded bar. A great day for the party.

Later that night, a man who possessed either tree-like attributes or a large, portable tree to hide behind talked to Ariana in her head. At the same time, Kvothe found a dead woman and it seemed like a bunch of people had lost their memories. I don’t think we quite made the connection at the time but THE SAME DAMN THING HAPPENED TO US GUYS WHY DID WE HAVE TO WAIT TO BE TOLD THAT WHAT anyway

We got to the city and the demon hunters were all ‘we gotta summon this demon to kill it, sorry guys only way’, so they summoned the shittiest demon in existence and two of his shitty friends. Like the demons who teased all the time because they like Yu-Gi-Oh or something. They were no trouble.

Anyways afterwards we bumper into a dude who was very happy to see Arminius and Ariana but gave no shits about the dwarf or the wizard, probably because they’re both interminable fucks. But! When he found out we’d lost our memories he was like ‘Welp sorry guys guess you’re gonna die was great seeing you again except for you dwarf and you wizard’. It was pretty clear that we were the victims of this guy … Or perhaps one of his more arboreal kin.

We went and talked to Lord Aschaffenberg’s wife, and she was Not Very Interesting (read: it was like 2am and we were tired and I can’t remember her saying anything even remotely significant, except that her cousin had occult interests). Giles went off to talk to some dwarves about learning a trade.

Points of interest:
- Magdelena the witch huntress seemed like a hardass bitch and after we were done with the shitty demons went off to the Lodge to make sure there was no more shady shit. If we keep getting ourselves into Chaotic, chaotic situations, I suspect we’ll cross paths with her again, but for now we’re in her good books for murdering demons while she was lying in a dazed heap on the floor.

- The Chemist. After the whole cultist thing shook out, a very strange thing was discovered in the woods – by god, it looks like the skin of the doctor’s niece who was asleep in the room! By god, the door to her room has been blown open with great magical force! By god, someone observed magic around her! The implications are clear – either the disembodied innards of a young girl are walking around creeping everyone out, or our great nemesis was under our nose all along. As for what he’s doing now, fuck knows – he also seems to be unconnected to the Slender Tree thus far, but considering he captured us all and was there with us when we came to three years later, I’m sure he has not disappeared from our lives yet. There was also a seemingly unrelated figure known as the Chemist living in a northern city, but I don’t remember any details, so someone please fill us in.

- Lady Von Bruner (wife of our former employer) possesses a flower that is known to be useful in curing amnesia if prepared properly, and if I recall knows where to get more in the required amounts. Unfortunately the potion knocks you out for a couple of days (it’s got schlaff in it) and, if we’re to believe the man who told us we were all gonna get killed soon, we’re kind of on the clock, not to mention the political melting pot the city appears to be fast becoming. Nevertheless, we may decide to pursue that option.

- we could return to the town of [Someshit] and investigate our Happy Tree Friend, though I suspect that no-one in the town’s going to be any help, considering the memory loss going on there. It’s a potential lead.

- we can continue chasing leads from our own lives – this other Chemist is only one or two degrees of separation away from some of our party members, and well, the name is curious. Wouldn’t quite know where to start with that one though.

- We could forget about all the shit goin on and just look for a job. That seemed to bear fruit for us last time.

Phillip adds:

We also convinced Lord Aschafenberg to give us a piece of paper saying we’re awesome, and we’re sort of working for him as of now. He is one of three nobles who could potentially become the ruler of Ubersreik in the near future, and since we totally made him sound like a badass because of our heroic actions at the lodge, he looks to be a likely candidate.

Also Stefan von Hell was an agent of the Witchhunters who went by the codename Chemist about a decade ago. He runs a Bright Order club called The Brimstone Club in Auerswald, which is the town in which we all got ourselves captured by the new!Chemist and lost three years of our lives in. So we could visit him, I guess.

Also, Kvoth met another fire wizard who said some mildly intersting shit. And Graille is chilling in the Shallyan hospice. The piece of paper said that the artifacts the party is carrying are meant for distruction, and that we were carrying out that task for Lord Aschaffenberg.

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The Painting
Where our heroes fight for their lives

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An Eye for an Eye
Where our heroes get to the bottom of the mystery at Grunewald Lodge

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