Graille Gwaltaube

Priest of Shallya, disciple of mercy, and son of none.



Graille, like most Shallyan initiates wears a long white robes blah blah blah

Since being tortured and having his finger removed by…he has taken to weaing civilian clothing and carrying his blood stained shallyan robes in his satchel.

His head was recently shaved diseas etc, was once done up in a quiff or something?




I Pray you halt. Before you act, let me tell you who I am. I am Graille Gwaltaube; slayer of rat ogres, quencher of flames, and healer of wounds. I have been known to channel Shallya’s mercy when she deams it their time. So before you act, ask yourself; is it your time?
- Graill Gwaltaube, Son of None


Like many in the empire, Graille is an orphan. Placed on the

Graille Gwaltaube

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