Once Upon A Time In The Empire

Where There Is Smoke

Where our heroes' pasts come back to bite them.

Awaiting Franz Bieber’s recounting in full:

  • Ariana finds herself awoken by a small child.
  • Franz, Karl and Initiate Hammlin are arguing.
  • Father Barthelm is leading refugees in prayer.
  • The Boat is trying to navigate crowded waters & smoke. Sailors with barge poles slowly push away vessels in their path, while a lookout searches for specific ships.
  • The city is an inferno. All around is fire and dying people!
  • Ariana and Franz jump from boat to boat to get to the shore.
  • They follow the party’s trail of destructio to the playhouse.
  • At the theatre Franz spots Arminius in the company of a witchhunter. Unsure weather he has been arrested, and terrified of the Templars of Sigmar, Franz leads the way in trailing Arminius, first to the holding cells near the warf, then on to Crazy Hassans.
  • Once they meet up and disentange themselves from Hassans suggestive selling, they head to Uncommon Goods, Amir Hassana’s burnt down shop front.
  • They fight and apparently defeat Amir Hassana after witnessing his murder of Witchhunter Andric Lutzen.
  • Before they go far however, they get waylaid by a patrol of soldiers. A runner leaves to bring back their C.O. to question their captives.
  • Fortuitously, The Professor, Murk’s employer and Garen Eich’s grandfather, chooes that moment to turn up. He sends Murk and his compatriates on what sounds like a pointless errand, but the party happily follow the noble’s orders before the soldiers have a chance to fetch Rupert Julbach.
  • At the Eich mansion they stumble across skaven looking for Garen Eich, and kidnapping his servants. Dun. Dun. Dun.



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